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Remember Mr. Benitez, that guy with shortness of breath that Abby dealt with earlier? Yeah, I don't either, really, but she did, and he's back, and now he's with Susan. She thinks his chest pain is caused by a pulmonary embolism, but she wants an angiogram to be sure before she prescribes treatment. Neela is to escort the mother and son to the family toom. "See you later, Dad!" the moppet says with a really bright wave. "Order some pizza, amigo, I'm hungry!" Benitez grins. Well, he's happy and confident and craving post-procedure Papa John's, so I think it's safe to say that we should bid adieu to Mr. Benitez.

Luka overhears Neela explaining the angiogram to Mrs. Benitez, and asks Neela why she ordered that test. "Dr. Lewis wanted to be sure," she says. "What's your opinion?" Luka asks, somewhat unfairly. "I'm not sure my opinion matters," Neela replies, also somewhat unfairly. Sam curtly summons Luka, but not before he gets in this trite little bon mot: "If you don't think it matters, then it doesn't." Neela's like, "No, actually, if I don't get the lines then it doesn't matter."

Sam is on her way out so that she can get home before Alex gets there. Luka tries again to apologize. "Look, I appreciate you [sic] trying to be his friends, but I just don't want things to get weird," she says. "You're a good guy, I'm sure..." Luka's face is like, "Oh, thanks for your generosity." "...But you don't know crap about raising kids, so thanks for the help, but no thanks. I got it covered," Sam says. Luka bites his tongue about how he had two kids of his own, and that he knew enough not to dump them off in ER lounges and waiting rooms without expecting them to be weird and resentful, and instead just nods, "Okay." I can't wait for Sam to eat a big, fat plate of crow. Smothered in mayonnaise, raw tomato, and other edible evils of the world.

Ken tells Abby that the police found a couple from Rogers Park whose daughter vanished from a mall two years ago and hasn't been seen since. Her profile matches Jane Doe's. Abby's touched to learn that the parents are heading in immediately. "Thank you," she says sincerely.

Gallant arrives and asks if his sister has arrived. "Frank took her to the lounge," Abby says. Gallant invites Lester, Abby, and Neela out for a drink later, and completely ignores Pratt, which is delicious. "What, am I invisible?" Pratt asks. We should be so lucky.

Johanna's mother MamAmish sweeps into the ER in her bonnet and cape and identifies herself. Neela explains that she left the message, and stiffly asks, "How was your trip?" In a weird moment, Abby interrupts and offers to take MamAmish to see her daughter. Neela watches her go kind of uncomfortably. I'm not really sure what any of that meant. That Neela has bad instincts in these situations? Or that she's too formal? Not sure, and losing interest. I like Neela and I enjoy that we don't already know too much about her, but I just am not entirely sure what story they're trying to tell here. Oh, wait, it was just a ruse to make sure Neela stayed at the desk, where she's swarmed by Susan and Luka and physically stuck in the middle of their spat about Mr. Benitez. Luka would have administered the treatment immediately without the test, and Susan preferred to make sure he had a clot before giving him drugs. Luka argues that waiting for Radiology could end up being a fatal time lapse; Susan counters that giving him a drug he doesn't need would result in needless puking. Hmm. Puke or death? Easy choice to me. Luka storms off in a huff, because this isn't really his business, and Susan bitches to Neela, "Next time you feel like discussing my orders with another doctor, don't talk to Kovac." She leaves before Neela can sputter that she didn't do that. Frank stares at all this pointlessly, unless Troy Evans has been tasked with updating the show Bible and is just trying to put himself in all these scenes to save the research time.

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