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Jane "Ex-Kendra" Doe is still lying alone in the trauma room. Ken enters, because he heard that he's hot and he wants to hear the collective longing moans of American viewers so that he can confirm this theory. He and Abby commiserate on the sad turn of events with Kendra, and says that a woman at CPS is letting him go through the foster records. Yeah, I'll just bet she is, especially if that's a synonym for "pants." Abby sighs that she can't believe a little girl has disappeared and no one noticed. "We'll keep looking," Ken vows.

Neela enters and asks Abby if she's going to Ike's. Abby wants to wait and make sure that Jane Doe gets up to the PICU. "Can't a nurse do that?" Neela asks. Abby points out that she is a nurse. "You're also a med student," Neela notes. I guess that would be one of the identity crises, had the show stuck with that title, which is actually a lot more widely apt than "Missing." Anyway, Abby pauses to think about this...

...and ends up leaving with Neela to hit Ike's. Pratt catches up with them, but Neela in turn peels off because she sees Johanna and MamAmish hugging each other tightly. Rather than respect the sanctity of a mother-daughter farewell, Neela runs right up and is basically like, "What's the haps, Amish peeps?" Johanna thanks Neela for her help, and then turns to MamAmish and says, "Abscheid," which apparently means "Farewell." MamAmish says, "Gott mit dich," which I'm guessing means, "Go with God." Tears streaming down her face, Johanna flees. MamAmish absently smiles that she has six other younger children who were so thrilled that Johanna would be coming home. "She's a good girl, ma'am," Neela says sweety. "She'll be all right." MamAmish looks at her with wet eyes and sages, "You can't make them stay if they don't want to." Yeah, so you shouldn't freeze them out for exercising freedom of choice. I don't know much about how true that is, but I know it's a pretty strict faith, so I guess it's probably right.

Sam calls Luka at County, all in a tizzy because her demon spawn has run back to the hell dimension from whence it came. As Luka tries to calm her down, Frank notices Alex sitting in the waiting area, so Luka reassures Sam that he's got Alex, and hangs up.

Alex is pouting royally. So mighty is his brooding, you'd think he and Luka sprang from the same sperm. "I had to go to Gym," he sadly tells Luka. "I got pinned by some kid in ten seconds. I don't think you should go back to Africa." Why, so he can teach you how to wrestle little boys? What exactly do you think Luka is, child? Alex frowns that he heard Africa is dangerous. "Your Mom's worried about you," Luka says softly. "She's a loser," Alex spits. "HEY," Luka snaps. "She does a lot." Ha! Even he can't refute that Sam sucks. He probably should have lied and told Alex to respect his non-loser mother, but it's funnier this way. "Is that why we're always moving around?" Alex whines. "Leaving as soon as I've got friends?" Luka points out that Sam does what she has to in order to take care of Alex. "She wishes she never had me!" Alex blurts, sticking out his lower lip. Kid, you stole a severed finger. Can you blame her? You almost fucked over a guy who might have wanted to use that finger to flip the bird. Maybe even at your mother.

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