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Neela has apparently drunkenly spilled to everyone that she mouthed off to Susan and Luka. They can't believe it. "I didn't mean to," she protests. "They just kind of looked at me like they couldn't believe it, like, 'You? You're not supposed to get angry.'" Pratt giggles, "What's happening to our little girl?" Neela rants that she always gets different versions of those looks -- either people thin she's a sweet Indian girl who grew up begging for bread in Calcutta ("You mean you didn't?" Gallant teases. "I've never even been to Calcutta!" she slurs), or the well-educated British girl who's well-spoken and docile. "With a very good vocabulary," Pratt grins. They're all totally watching her like she's a spectator sport. I kind of wish someone would give her sympathy, but they're all sober and she's not, and she's on kind of an entertaining roll. Neela complains that she's not Indian, she's not British, and she's not American, so she's not really sure who or what she actually is. "Do you ever feel like you don't know who the hell you are?" she asks Abby, doing the drunk head-turn that involves hanging your neck and then jerking it back up at an angle. Many a night have I executed that one. "No, but I'm very well-adjusted," Abby deadpans.

Gallant asks if Valerie is ready to leave. She thanks everyone for a fun night, and Neela immediately apologizes for monopolizing "the intercourse." Everyone giggles. "Discourse," she corrects drunkenly. Abby nods and winks at her. Gallant asks Valerie if she'd like her chair, but she wants to use the sticks; as Pratt puts on his gloves and coat, he sees her get up and thread her arms through two large crutches. "I need a little help sometimes," she smiles blithely.

Neela turns to Abby. "Do you have a cigarette?" she asks. "Nope," Abby replies. "Thank God," Neela exhales gratefully. Best exchange of the episode, because I've so been Neela in this situation. Hell, almost every time I'm drunk.

Gallant resists leaving Valerie alone with Pratt while he gets the car, but she insists, so he reluctantly leaves. "I hope I didn't come off sounding too insensitive," Pratt says. Referring to what, exactly? I guess with Pratt it doesn't matter, because it could be anything, or most likely everything. "I'm just doing me, talking my crap," he says. "I didn't realize...." What, that she needs help walking? That changes how hot she is? Nice. "...How easy it is for me to get a seat on the subway?" she finishes his thought with a laugh. "You flirted, Greg. I flirted back." He smiles. Valerie says she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was twenty-two, which would indeed appear to contradict "Secrets and Lies," in which Gallant said his twin sister had cerebral palsy. Maybe she has a magic morphing disease. "Before that, I was a normal girl -- very normal," Valerie says. "I didn't grow up limited, so I don't think of myself that way." Pratt asks how advanced her disease is. Valerie says she has a few relapses a year, but that she's still fully functional. As he cocks an eyebrow, Valerie giggles, "How's that for a pickup line?" Pratt clearly likes her, but he doesn't want to fuck her up, considering that she has her own problems. Valerie is basically like, "Having sex with you would really not complicate my life that much, because I'm not really that attached to you at all, because you're just a shallow blowhard whose last girlfriend gave his penis frostbite, so let's get it on and warm that thing up." Yes, I might have extrapolated a bit, but I feel good about it.

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