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Pratt comes in with a young Jane Doe, five or six years of age, who's hypothermic and was found in the bushes at Lincoln Park. He and Haleh and the medic wheel her into Trauma Yellow and scream for warm saline and blankets to try to save her. Abby gets ready to nurse her way through this one until Pratt orders her to intubate. "I'm not on my med-student rotation," she says. "Okay, so you're a nurse who intubates," he says. She meets his glance for silent confirmation, and then confidently takes over and performs a very competent intubation. I guess we're supposed to think that she's great in the moment of a trauma and not as strong with written stuff, or that her med-student mantle makes her second-guess herself too much. Eh, whatever. The little girl has no ID or anything in her pockets, nor any identifying marks. The police are calling Missing Persons. "Somebody's got to be looking for her," Abby reasons.

Neela hangs up with Johanna's and Thomas's neighbor. "Is someone coming?" Gallant asks. "He wasn't sure how soon they'd be able to hire a car," Neela replies, sort of taken aback by that. Gallant asks with concern what her call was about, and she sighs that her sister in Chandigarh had a baby. Delighted, Gallant congratulates her on being an aunt, but she's depressed because her parents are trying to pressure her into going over with them for the Sikh naming ritual, and she doesn't want to take two weeks off from work to go -- plus, realistically, she can't, and she wishes they'd lay off a bit. "Guilt calls," she concludes. "It's just their way of keeping me close." Gallant posits that maybe it's just nice to know she's loved. "And at times, suffocating," Neela says, explaining that her parents run a restaurant in Southall -- a traditionally Indian area of London -- and that she's the first person in the family to expand her horizons to the U.S. "On the one hand, they're very proud; on the other, it scares the hell out of them," she says.

So of course, Neela goes right into Johanna and Thomas's room and trips right over a burgeoning parallel. She learns that they're Amish teenagers who are on rumspringa -- a time after age sixteen when they can leave their parents and spread their wings, and do whatever they like before deciding whether the Amish life is for them. "A little dose of teen rebellion so you won't be tempted later," Neela understands. Thomas smiles that it makes you a better Amish. Johanna smiles, too, but a bit more distantly. Three guesses as to which one's going home.

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