Next Of Kin

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Next Of Kin

Carter turns to see a weary Elizabeth slumping down from the OR. She informs him of Gil's passing and asks where Morgan is. Carter searches the room for Pratt, finds Erin instead, and calls to her. "You worked on [Gil's] kid, right?" he asks. "Did you reach the mother?" Elizabeth asks. "Pratt was going to handle it," Erin says. "The girl's father just died," Elizabeth explains. "Boy," Erin says. Carter and Elizabeth, dumbfounded, can only gape. "I wanted to call the mother, but Dr. Pratt didn't," Erin says. What an ass-kisser! She thinks she's getting busted for not calling the mother, so she's shoving the blame on Pratt's shoulders. Savvy. And yet also, totally fine with me. Elizabeth finally -- finally! -- remembers all Gil's ramblings about an estrangement, and the tidy symbolism of Gil the Mom-Dad and his Multi-Gendered Kid. Because Pratt's not there, Carter overrules his edict and orders Erin to contact Morgan's mother because she's the next of kin. Erin scampers away.

Abby marches into the treatment center to pick up Eric, only to discover that he's already gone. "He withdrew from the program," Dr. Demento says coolly. "And went where?" Abby gapes. Dr. Demento smarmily suggests that Abby check with Maggie, because Maggie herself swiped Eric from the center an hour ago. Floored, Abby hangs her mouth open so far you can see straight through her colon. We fade to black intrigued by the fact that there wasn't one cut in that entire scene -- the camera caught Abby entering, followed her, then the actors moved within its sights. Very fluidly shot and blocked.

Pratt marches up to an old man at a flower shop. He figures that the best way to help Leon is to be angry, and to brow-beat everyone into complying with his wishes. "I got no problem with you," the man grumbles. "Fire Leon and you do," Pratt menaces. "Use a broom on him, and you've got an even bigger problem with me." He snarls that Leon does nothing but be punctual and work himself into the ground doing any little task without complaint, and so it's possible Leon doesn't quite understand it when he gets unceremoniously fired. The florist spits that his store got robbed by some thugs who had a key. "How the hell do you think they got one? Think I left it in the door?" he rants. Pratt's stunned, and desperately swears that Leon wouldn't do anything like that, and even if he gave the key to someone, he wouldn't have had a clue about any of the rest of it. "Let me tell you something," the florist says. "That dumb-ass brother of yours ain't so dumb." Pratt throws him up against a wall and reveals the heretofore secret reason behind Leon's apparent lack of common sense. "The man took a bullet in his head," he yells. "He's not dumb. Look, he wouldn't do this." TPTB's all, "See? Pratt's a sensitive man with a sensitive past of tragedy." Feh. But, poor smiley Leon. The florist threatens to have them both arrested, so Pratt backs off, but not without warning the man to leave Leon alone. The man, who mostly outsizes Pratt, has no reason to listen to this but we assume that he does, because life's a lot easier that way.

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