Next Of Kin

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Next Of Kin

Okay, I'm typing this at 2 AM, and The Hotel New Hampshire just came on, featuring the one and only Paul McCrane. It's a sign! Of what, I'm not sure. Hopefully, that I will finish this recap in the next ten minutes before my hands cramp into useless claws.

Carter trudges home through the snow, stopping short when he sees Abby smoking despondently on the steps. "Every once in a while, you have a really perfect cigarette, you know?" she rasps. "Everything about it is perfect -- the taste, the moment." Carter tells her it causes cancer. Thanks, Carter. "I left you a message. How did it go?" he asks. She drags on her cigarette and peers evasively at him. "With what?" she says innocently. Carter shakes his head and turns away, annoyed. "Are you going to let me in, or do I have to guess?" he sighs. "Nothing happened," she says curtly. "Despite the best-laid plans, nothing happened. Mostly because they left." Carter can't believe it. "They went off into the sunset together. It was very romantic," Abby says bitterly. "I don't really want to talk about this right now because it's ruining my perfect smoke." Carter purses his lips, trying not to cry because big boys don't do that. Still, he makes it clear that she's being incredibly childish. Abby exhales and crushes out her cigarette. "It's okay, I'm done," she decides. "I'm done with the both of them, done with all of it." She gets up and flounces inside. "Cancel Christmas," she spits, leaving Carter alone and gnawing on his chilly lip in worry and woundedness.

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