Next Of Kin

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Next Of Kin

Rex is kicking Recovery's ass and stealing its lunch money. "I think he likes it here," says the nurse, who is patting him affectionately. Chen's with them, and they're in a regular room because there aren't any beds upstairs. "It's nice having a healthy baby down here," smiles the nurse. Rex gets all squiffy. He is so cute. It's enough to make my biological clock stop ticking backwards. Chen tries to stay clinical, but Nursie's way too enamored of Rex to talk shop. "I don't know how anybody could give him away," she clucks. Chen lets guilt wash over her eyes. She doesn't like it and it's totally unfair, but dammit, she can't stop it: The ER writers have turned her into Delinquent Mother of the Week #5. Merry F'n Christmas. "I'm sure she had her reasons call me if he won't feed," Chen says, running her words together in her attempt to sound brusque. She exits quickly.

In the hall, she passes Michael "Slurp" Gallant giving Susan the bullet on a woman with abdominal pain and tenderness, along with some of our old nemesis, vomiting. "Deb, have you seen Kovac anywhere?" Susan asks. I like that she called her "Deb." Not sure how new or old that is, but it fits. "No, sorry," Chen says. Susan grunts, "Of course not, he's only the swing-shift Attending." Gallant tries to give her more information, but Susan keeps ranting that she's not supposed to be covering for everybody, and she's really the only one with a work ethic around there, and it's all very tiring and sad, and could he please stop fogging up her halo with his breath? Gallant moves around in front of her and announces that he thinks the lady has food poisoning, but he's not totally certain. With a sigh, Susan pushes into her room.

The woman, Melody, is in the same room as Rex. Susan introduces herself with a pleasant smile and learns that Melody isn't feeling terribly well. Her boyfriend, sitting at her bedside, looks like a man who's worried and trying to act unconcerned for her sake. Because women are weak and excitable. Susan explains that they need to run a few more tests. "So you need to admit me?" Melody asks. "You hate hospitals as much as I do?" Susan grins. Her boyfriend reveals that Melody's a nurse, so she pretty much lives in hospitals. Gallant says he can't send her home unless they can control her vomiting. "She can't come to my house, either -- I just got new rugs," the boyfriend says. Hee. Melody and Susan both look horrified. "Kidding," he protests. Melody chuckles and Susan excuses herself with a giggle.

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