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"Day Eight, 7:30 PM." Raab is back with some more insightful commentary, this time offering up the analogy that working NICU admissions is like running a marathon without training for it. Except not as stupid, and less likely to end in the eventual installation of artificial knees. "It's an endurance test for the patients, the families, and you," Raab says. "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and when it's time to go home, get the hell out of here." She then grabs everyone for rounds as Veggie Baby's prayer group sings hymns by his salad bowl.

Jiang Han, the Chinese baby boy, is healthy and happy and relatively untouched by the clawed hand of Rex the Wonder Preemie. Unfortunately his sister -- Code Name: Inga -- wasn't so lucky; Rex gave her mouth-to-mouth that pretty much tore up her lungs. That Rex is such a player. Neela hates the name "Inga," but Virgie snippily insists that Neela took too long coming up with one of her own. "I was going to call her Surinder. It's Punjabi for 'warrior,'" Neela says, wounded. "You're thinking too much," sniffs Virgie. I hate Virgie, and not just because her idiotic name sounds more suited to a parrot. "'Inga' doesn't sound tough," grumbles Neela to herself. And neither does Dirk, which is Jiang Han's code name, but no one seems to care since he's mostly fine. Neela presents Inga to Raab: she isn't breathing well because of pneumonia, and Neela thinks she needs ECMO. Everyone looks up as if Neela just said she thinks Inga needs a nationally televised head transplant/exchange with Macaulay Culkin. "Isn't that incredibly dangerous?" Kate gulps. Neela insists that they have to do something before Inga gets brain damage. Raab throws to the class the question of ECMO's risks. "Overwhelming infection?" duhs Kate. "That could happen anyway," Neela says. "Head bleed?" Abby suggests. "Parents could end up with a little potato," Matt replies. I feel like Matt is the writers' answer to the fact that the show didn't rehire Coop. But he's unnecessary. We already had a Coop, and we liked him very much, and at least he didn't look like a reject from the Beverly Hills, 90210 "Weenies Donna Martin Can Date" pool of actors. Neela crisply argues that although ECMO is risky, and although no one's explained what the hell it is, doing nothing will surely kill Inga. She's convinced that it will work. "Are you sure?" Raab asks. "How can anyone be sure about something like that?" Abby asks. This is apparently good enough to punctuate the scene, so Raab tells Neela to order up a steaming hot plate of ECMO. Neela thanks Abby for her support. "She already thinks I'm an idiot, so I've got nothing to lose," Abby replies cheerfully. Abby tells Neela to go home and rest, but Neela insists that she needs to talk to Inga's parents about ECMO, which will be great, because as far as I'm currently concerned it stands only for Entirely Confusing Medical Operation.

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