No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Elizabeth shows up at the desk so that Dr. Dorset can approach her, in front of a giggly and girlish Abby and Susan, and invite her out for coffee. Elizabeth is floored. "I appreciate the offer," she says, stilted, "but to be honest, I'm swamped at the moment, so perhaps some other time." Dorset leans toward her, grinning. "I'm going to hold you to that," he says, seriously. Elizabeth flushes a tad as the trio of girls watches him go. Her hair is darker, by the way -- it's a darker red; less orange in it. Abby whispers that he was super-cute. Elizabeth stares at them. "Was I rude?" she asks, nervously. They insist that she wasn't. Lizzie inches toward them. "Problem is, I go home half-expecting Mark to be playing with Ella in the back yard," she admits sheepishly. "It's been...a long time since know...talked to another man." She bites her lip cutely; it's sweet to see her being human rather than a robotic bitch. "It was only coffee," she frets. Susan gently assures Elizabeth that Mark would want her to get on with her life. Elizabeth chews on this and likes how it tastes. "I also think that if a good-looking guy is interested in you and you're not interested in him, the least you can do is introduce me," Susan adds. Elizabeth chuckles. "Hmm, thank you," she says, walking away beaming. Abby and Susan laugh together. See, that was kind of a nice moment. More of that, please.

As Weaver tries to redirect a confused patient, she bumps smack into Alderman Bright, the conjurer of funds. He glad-hands the patient, who blinks blankly at him. Weaver ushers the patient away, because it's all too boring. "I guess I owe you a big thank-you," she begins awkwardly. "You provide an invaluable service," he speeches. "It's the least I could do." Weaver says she hopes the funding was merit-based...and doesn't really finish her thought, because Bright offers her a nicely spit-shined answer. "Did you give me special treatment?" he says, innocently. "Of course you did. From where I stand, you give everyone who comes through these doors special treatment." There's blathering about rewarding dedication, and Weaver looks like she's trying hard to buy into all this, but her patient runs away and she needs to chase her. Whatever. The alderman is kinda dicey.

Abby corners Carter in the lounge and hands him an envelope. "Someone dropped this off for you and made me promise to give it to you personally," Abby grins. "I'm thinking nude blackmail photos." Carter sighs. "Not again," he jokes. Abby studies him, then asks if his sudden humanitarian urge is because he met Ed Asner and doesn't feel like enough of a do-gooder compared to the old man. Because, again, Carter's not allowed to have a genuinely good impulse, because Abby generally does not believe in such things. Carter admits that Ed might have a small bit to do with his whim. "Why didn't you talk to me about it?" Abby frets. Carter insists that he's not going anywhere just yet; she complains again that Luka knew about it, and worries that the Congo and Chechnya are dangerous places, but mercifully, the whining stops because it's time to jump to another conversation entirely. There's a lot of that in this episode.

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