No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Luka passes Erin Harkins in the hallway and seems to duck away from her, watching as Susan signs off on her rotation. I think. She's headed to Pediatrics, I think; Susan wishes her luck and then flees to dodge a giant ball of earwax that's on a mission to flatten her. Erin and Gallant make an ambiguous study date that looks awfully sweet and giggly. Ugh. And also, aw, strangely enough. Luka pops out of the shadows when Erin is finally alone. "Feeling better?" he asks. "Compared to the last time you saw me, yeah," she says pointedly. Then she makes him sign off on her rotation, too, so that she's done with the ER for good. She tries to get away without any other interaction, but Luka stops her again. "I never got a chance to talk to you..." he begins. "I was in the hospital for three weeks," she snaps. Luka apologizes, saying he was having a bad time -- which I'm sure absolutely mends the rift; he was really stressed, and her liver was sliced up courtesy of the Croatian death-penis chauffer, so let's just call it even. "I never meant to hurt you," Luka insists softly. "Then you should've slowed down," she replies icily.

Pratt tries to reach Leon, but he isn't answering, which makes sense given that Pratt instructed him not to answer the phone. He spies Tweedledee and Tweedledum chasing after him, so he hangs up abruptly and walks the other way. No luck. "What's the word on Sutter?" they ask. Pratt shrugs that he's still in surgery. Tweedledee asks whether Biz had a gun when they brought him in; Pratt shrugs again that he doesn't know. He's acting shifty and nervous, which is positively the best way to throw the cops off your scent. "You just found him in the street?" Tweedledum asks. "Yeah," Pratt says. "Was there anyone with him? Did you hear gunshots?" Tweedledee presses. Pratt snorts no to both. Then he's called to Trauma Green, where Biz is bleeding like a madman. Pratt is saved by the death knell. But first, for good measure, he stares at the cops so that we know he's extremely stressed about all this. Extremely. Stressed.

"So when are you leaving me?" Abby asks blithely, passing Carter in the hall. God, Abby, he's announced his desire to help mankind for two weeks, and it's all about you, right? Carter stares at her. "Me," Abby adds. "Me on the rocks with a slice of me." Carter shrugs that he hasn't decided when he's going, or even if he's doing. "Me Airlines is pleased to announce the arrival of flight M.E. into Me Airport," Abby says. Carter shrugs that Luka was just being overenthusiastic because he's such an advocate of the program. Pause. "You thought it was cool when he went," Carter points out, still smiling. "He went home to his country, and he didn't have a girlfriend asking him not to go, nor did he have tickets to It's Raining Me: The Abby Lockhart Variety Hour," Abby spits. "You could come with me," Carter suggests. "Like I don't have enough drama in my life already," she snorts. Right. Self-made drama, sluthole.

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