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No Strings Attached

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When we return, Abby is sitting in the lounge on the phone just as Susan enters. Susan tries to half-eavesdrop on Abby's efforts to get the person on the phone to tell her how it's possible for a plane to disappear from radar. The person on the other end of the phone is obviously telling her that they don't want to jump to conclusions, but they think the plane probably went down. She muddles around looking for other options for why this might have happened, but since they got no communications from Eric before the plane disappeared, there's very little they can tell her except that first the plane was on the radar, and then it wasn't. Eventually, Abby hangs up. Susan comes over to Abby and says, confused, that she thought Eric was an air traffic controller. Abby confirms that he was, but that he'd also been interested in flying, and just recently got his license. She says she tried to reach Carter before his plane left Miami, but she was too late. Susan asks whether the Flying Mom knows anything else about Eric's situation, but Abby says, with obvious guilt masquerading as bravado, that she hasn't called the Flying Mom yet. She's finding Eric's disappearing act to be enough to deal with without taking on her mother's histrionics. Although it sounds sort of cold, I really can't blame her. Her whole life with her mother has been caretaking, and there does come a point where you have to reserve enough to take care of yourself. She'll feel better when she's talked to the Flying Mom, but I'm not surprised she hasn't been able to take it on yet. As Abby leaves, she asks Susan whether people know about Eric. Susan says, "Some." Abby says she'd rather it didn't get around any more than necessary. Susan encourages her to go home, but Abby doesn't really want to go stare at the walls, so she decides to hang around.

Out at the desk, Chuny points out Monica's kids to Abby -- they're sitting in chairs. Abby goes over to talk to them. They want to know if their mom will be all right, and she assures them that Mom will be fine. She takes them to Monica's room, where it appears that a frustrated cop is just leaving. Chen lets them in to see Monica, who greets them with obvious love and warmth. Chen and Abby stand outside and watch through the door, and Chen tut-tuts that Monica told the cop she fell through a window, and will likely tell the kids the same thing. Abby points out that telling them the truth wouldn't exactly do anyone any good.

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