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No Strings Attached

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Frank is on the phone at the desk when we return. "You're sick, you're broke, you're unemployed and uninsured. Yeah, sure, come on over," he is saying. I wonder if people who can't pay present a problem for the modern health care system -- I wish they'd get into that someday, or comment on it, because the five or six thousand times they've used lines like that haven't really driven it home to me yet. Behind Frank, Pratt walks up to Gallant and does a final check-in before heading out. Gallant says he's staying to study, because he missed a diagnosis -- presumably Helen's. Pratt tells him not to sweat it, pats him on the shoulder, and takes off. Before he goes, though, Gallant shows him a postcard from Leon, who's apparently enjoying life in Baltimore. Aw. As Pratt finally gets out of Dodge, Abby gets a phone call from Carter, which she says she'll take in the lounge. On his way out, Pratt runs into Mr. Tribbiani, who is still in chairs. Mr. Tribbiani sadly explains that he's built a life around the people he knows who have this chronic disease, and now it's all gone. Because he can't be friends with them if he doesn't have it, and he can't spend time advocating for people who have it if he doesn't have it, I guess. That's fairly stupid, if you think about it, and you'd think Pratt might say so, instead of telling Mr. Tribbiani just to start having fun now that he doesn't have to hang around with sick people, which is basically what he does.

Abby is in the lounge talking to Carter on the phone. We hear only her side of the conversation. There is some small talk, and then she drops the bomb about Eric's plane. Carter wants to come home to be with her, but she tells him not to. She just wants to wait it out. They hang up, and Abby seems to be thinking about heading out for the night. Just as she's trying to go, Daughter comes and says with distress that Old Mama is having a heart attack.

Susan wheels a random guy into the second bed in Helen's room, somewhat surprised to see that Helen is still there. Helen wants to know what happened to the other girls in the accident. She already knows one of them died -- the one whose last rites she practically interrupted -- but she wants to know what happened to the rest. Susan says they'll make it. "So just Terri died?" Helen says. "Yeah," Susan responds. "Not Sasha?" Helen says, giving "Sasha" that hostile delivery you reserve for people in whose food you'd be inclined to spit. Susan shakes her head, beginning to get a bad vibe. "No," she says. Helen expresses surprise over this outcome, pointing out that "Sasha was meaner." Ew. Helen says again that the girls in the accident -- or, you know, "accident" -- weren't ever very nice to her. A creeped-out Susan is distracted by screams, and goes out to see what's happening.

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