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No Strings Attached

And then at last, Susan gets her peaceful moment with Fugit, who is sitting in chairs. He tells her that waiting so long gave him time to "people-watch," so he doesn't mind. As she sits him down on a bed, she asks why he's got a PIC line. "Stage III-C testicular cancer," he says simply, and then gives a little nod. Why, how tragic. Who knew he'd have something terminal? Oh, yeah -- everyone and everything, including plants. And complex bacteria. And not-so-complex bacteria.

Romano drops in on the "pretty girl" from the opening, and she's pleased to see him. "I remember you -- Rocket!" she says perkily. "How'd I do?" she says. "Very, very well," he says. "'Cause you promised you'd take care of me, right?" she says. "Get some rest," he answers. Well, that's a relief. He's only 99% prick.

Apparently inspired by this exchange, Romano heads in to talk to Anspaugh and once again beg for his surgical career back. Anspaugh is having none of it. Romano just wants to supervise fifth-year residents, but gets a no. Wants to be kept on the schedule "in name only," but gets a no. Anspaugh reiterates that right at the moment, his place is in teaching. Romano pouts miserably, a little thundercloud very nearly visible above his tiny, pointed head. He's such a jackass, but at least he's interesting, which is more than I can say for the rest of these saps.

Kerry comes into Helen's room, where her father is with her. As gently as she can, Kerry says that she'd like to get a psychiatric consult before she sends Helen up. Standing right over the bed of a fully conscious Helen, Kerry explains -- again, as gently as possible, given that Helen is sitting right there -- that they're not entirely sure the accident was an accident. Helen protests that she'd never leave tire tracks on a cheerleader on purpose, but Kerry goes to fetch the detective. On her way out, Kerry's stopped by Helen's father. "It was her?" he asks Kerry. "I don't know," she says. "She could've done this?" he asks. "I don't know," she repeats. Dude, friends don't let friends drive unpopular.

Susan comes up to the now-hatless and smooth-domed Fugit and tells him that she's fixing the clog in his PIC line, which is a good thing, because he's very low on white blood cells. He points out that he's only ten days removed from his last chemo, and she in turn points out that when your immune system is in a weakened state like that, the emergency room with its mysterious bugs and people coughing is hardly where you want to be. She sternly tells him to get himself home, monitor his temperature, and come back if it goes up. Behind her, Abby approaches long enough to say good night and confirm that she's had no word on Eric. She also mentions that Carter isn't coming home, which leads Susan to remind her that she doesn't need to rattle around alone if she doesn't want to. Abby says she'll be fine, and takes off. This way makes for a much better closing sequence, Susan, so stop trying to be helpful.

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