One Can Only Hope

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One Can Only Hope

Elizabeth and Abby supervise Erin as she checks Sarah for signs of sexual assault. "Are you sure this is the case she should be learning on?" Abby asks, skeptically. "The patient's unconscious," frosts Elizabeth. "You have stricter criteria?" Chuny enters to tell them the father's here. "Should I let him in?" she asks. "No," duhs Abby in the most wonderfully annoyed tone. Chuny sort of notices, but not totally overtly, and backs away. But seriously, when you're spelunking his daughter's cave, why would you offer the father an up-close view? Erin excitedly thinks she's identified the cervix. I'm pretty sure I never want to know what a cervix looks like. One check from Abby confirms the presence of semen. Elizabeth sighs and says they need consent for a full rape kit.

As she leaves Sarah's room, Elizabeth spies Nathan and Alison deep in conversation. "What, are they dating now?" she snipes to a nearby Carter. "I don't think he's going to make the best surgeon, but he seems to have a way with patients," Carter observes. "Maybe he could be a nursing liaison," Elizabeth smarms. Her shot would've been on-target if she'd fired it directly at Luka. Still, she looks awfully self-satisfied. Before Elizabeth can swallow the canary, though, Sarah's father arrives.

Chen studiously catches up on her paperwork. On his way out, Pratt spies her, and his Needy Chick radar goes berserk. "I thought you were off," he says. "I can't sleep knowing [the charts] are sitting here waiting for me," Chen answers, her eyes fixed on her work. "How come nobody told us being a doctor would be all about killing trees?" he grins. Chen refuses his offer of help, but when a patient starts shrieking, she looks tempted by his offer of beer. "We'll split a cab," Pratt offers. Chen, bless her desperate heart, regards him with real interest. My irises are throbbing.

Haleh hits the drug locker, where Abby is gathering supplies to deal with an incoming trauma -- turns out a car jumped a curb and ran into a line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets. "Where's all the Haldol?" Haleh muses. "Top drawer," Abby says. "Chuny forgot to restock." Haleh doesn't miss the thorny tone. "It's nothing personal, Abby," Haleh coos. "I like Kovac." Abby snorts. "He'll be back to work tomorrow," Haleh insists. "We have to do this every couple years to send a message." Oh, that's bullshit, and so unfair. This will go on Luka's record, and it's unkind to scapegoat him just because Chuny can't handle getting dumped. I mean, she slept with Mark. Does no one call her judgment into question? Abby is surprised that Haleh apparently didn't read the petition, but signed it anyway. Haleh doesn't think this is a big deal. "I've been doing this job for seventeen years, honey," she condescends. "Doctors come and go, but nurses make this place run. We don't get much credit or much pay...but we come back every day. I've given up on being appreciated, but I sure as hell won't let any of us be taken for granted." Is that really what this is about? Nurses being taken for granted? Or two nurses being taken by Luka? Whatever. I think the support and solidarity are lovely and all, but it's irresponsible of people like Haleh to besmirch someone's professional record without caring a whit about the facts or the rationale behind the charges. I think this speech was supposed to put Abby's head on straight -- and, yes, she's a shitty nurse manager, apparently -- but it just makes Haleh look like a twit.

Elizabeth barges into Trauma Green in the middle of one of Nathan's speeches to Alison. "I can't get to the bathroom," she points out. "Nobody said it would be easy, but you have a brain that works and a father who loves you," Nathan says. "Hold onto that. Hold onto that as long as you can, and who knows, anything could happen. A cure could happen." Elizabeth seems annoyed at Nathan's borderline proselytizing, and in a way, she has a point. "We need to move her," Elizabeth snaps. "We have multiple traumas coming in." Alison peers up at her. "He's cute, but annoying," she rasps. "Only because I'm right," Nathan says, spit-shining the halo he's perched so jauntily upon his noggin. Alison then tells a dumb story about how she so often dreams about the ocean -- except she's stuck at the bottom and can't swim up, and her lungs take in only water. She's a real upper. Fun at parties. "You do wake up, open your eyes, breathe," notes Nathan. "It's another day. That's because you're still alive. Your body knows it isn't over." Yeah, or it's a dream, and she wakes up from it because that's what people do when they dream. Nathan, I love you, man, but shut up.

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