One Can Only Hope

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One Can Only Hope

Abby and Eric begin line-dancing. "She loves you," Jody, great writer and student of life, decides. "You think so?" Carter asks, genuinely tickled. "Yeah. You're so comfortable together. Intimate, without needing to show off," Jody says, and evidently, she's at least slightly self-aware because her words are tinged with the knowledge that Eric's lips relentlessly and publicly devour her. Jody then starts making pointed remarks about her fondness for the song, until she guilts Carter into joining her on the dance floor. Line-dancing ensues. I never thought I would write that line in an ER recap, but hey, I guess line-dancing happens sometimes. At least they're all really, really bad at it, but still -- this is the stupidest scene ever. I don't want to see this.

Elizabeth bumps into Nathan on the El platform. He's sitting very still on a bench, clutching something that looks like a folder, which is either flapping in a breeze or moving because he's twitching a little. "I hear the organ service got Alison on [the list]," Nathan says. "Yeah, I know. Status two," Elizabeth smiles. "It's a nice feeling...when you realize you've affected someone's life. Touched them in some way." Aw, she's at least giving him some credit for being a good person. That's more than people usually get from her. "Think she'll last long enough?" he muses. "One can only hope," she sighs, standing to catch the approaching train. Sigh. Did the episode title have to be a line from the show? "On your meds?" she asks Nathan, who shrugs that he got a tad off-schedule today. Suddenly, Elizabeth notices that Nathan isn't moving to join her. "You can't get up, can you?" she realizes. Levelly, Nathan swears he'll catch the next one, and won't listen to her offer to wait with him. "It's a nice night," he insists. "I'll see you tomorrow." Elizabeth smiles at him, and it's actually a smile that might soften ice cream. "I expect you will," she replies. As the train pulls away from the station, Nathan is left alone, sitting rigidly on the bench while the folder in his hand flaps like a bird's wings.

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