One Can Only Hope

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One Can Only Hope

Trauma Yellow. Haleh wanders in, and Abby casually asks if she knows anything about this crazy petition. "Yeah, we all signed it," Haleh says. "Not me," points out Malik. Dr. Greg "Big Fat" Pratt bursts in, complaining that no one called him to help on something as sexy as a triple gunshot wound. "You are such a trauma queen," Chen giggles, as if she's the first person to make that joke in all the land. Malik shares with Abby that the petition is about Luka, and that the nurses figured Abby wouldn't do anything about him herself because of...and here, he trails off, leaving unsaid that Abby and Luka used to do the bedsheet waltz. Suddenly, Dix stirs and notices a chest tube protruding from the tattoo on his pasty, flabby chest. "You cut up Denise," he snarls at Chen. "That was my wife, you gook bitch." He lunges up at Chen, so everyone hurriedly wheels him away from her, with Pratt staying behind and shouting something macho at Dix's vanishing gurney. "You okay?" Pratt asks Chen softly. She tosses her chart aside. "I'm fine," she lies curtly, leaving.

Elizabeth, Nathan, and Carter are still with Alison; Dr. Michael "Blink and You Miss Him" Gallant pokes his head through the door and summons Lizzie to Curtain Three. Nathan pipes up that he'd like to be responsible for following through Alison's evaluation for a heart and lung transplant. "Complete discharge summaries and review all ER charts for possible surgical consults," Elizabeth barks at him. "Can I go to the ball after that?" Nathan asks coolly. "There's an M&M at three. Don't be late," Elizabeth snaps, leaving in a dramatic whoosh of her own bitchery. Carter clears his throat and shoots a look of pity at Nathan. "She's a good teacher," he offers half-heartedly. "That's what they keep telling me," Nathan says dryly.

Jody is feeling better. Abby pretends to care. "Where's Eric?" Abby asks. Jody says he's outside having a smoke, which stuns Abby. "I keep telling him to quit," Jody says, speaking of her relationship's rich three-week history and all the texture therein. "Maybe he'll listen to his sister, especially since you're a nurse..." But Abby has caught sight of Luka "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" Kovac , which gives her something better to do than talk to the schnozz queen over here -- seriously, Jody's endowed in that area -- and so she abruptly excuses herself to chase after Croatia's hottest son.

"I'm being sent to the principal's office because of you," Abby notes. Luka doesn't understand. "I don't know, you pissed off a bunch of nurses this time," she says. Comprehension still hasn't taken up residence in Luka's pretty, pretty head, so Abby adds that she thinks they find his attitude problematic. "I have a good attitude," Luka insists, trying to sound all bright and cheerful and even laughing at his own pathetic effort. Abby rolls her eyes. "I do," he lies through a smile. Erin interrupts, still panicking because she can't find Sarah. Abby brushes off Erin like pesky lint and trots outside to find Eric.

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