One Can Only Hope

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One Can Only Hope

Alison's father -- a burly bandanna-and-goatee-clad trucker-looking dude who's kind of a less pasty and fat, less drunk, and less personally offensive version of Dix -- learns from Carter that his daughter collapsed, has pneumonia, is rejecting her liver, declined a ventilator, and signed a DNR. And also, she's probably going to be sued by Lucasfilm. This is not a good day for Daddy. "She's just depressed," he rationalizes. "She gets that way. Let me talk to her." Carter isn't so sure that will make a difference. He thinks she wants to die. "She's just a kid," Big Daddy says. "She's twenty-six," notes Carter. "She just gets tired," Big Daddy whimpers. "She's dying," Carter counters. "We're all dying," Big Daddy offers. "Not like that," Carter argues. Come on, boys, on three -- whose is bigger? Carter reminds Big Daddy that his daughter is in tremendous pain that won't abate, especially since she's stopped taking the anti-rejection medicine. "Catch her up," growls Big Daddy. "Won't work," Carter says. Basically, they do another point-counterpoint wherein Carter dashes all of Big Daddy's insistences that Alison can be saved. Big Daddy doesn't find this charming. The Sad Piano of Growing a Spine In the Face of Death plays as Big Daddy growls, "If you don't want to fight for her, I'll find a doctor who will." He goes inside and strokes Alison's cheek as Carter watches and wishes he could grow manly chin hair like Big Daddy's.

Elizabeth breathes down Nathan's neck while he stitches up Officer Bravado's torn hand. "If you can, use your pinky to steady your hand," Elizabeth mutters, except I didn't see his hands trembling, but okay. Nathan works steadily, kicking all kinds of hand-stitchery ass. Officer Bravado is finally showing some nerves, acting a little jumpy and as if she's in shock. Nathan consoles her. Elizabeth looks bored. I think human emotion puts her right to sleep. "I'm scared every day," Bravado admits. "If it's not what you were expecting, there's no shame in exploring other options," Elizabeth says, addressing Bravado but pointedly staring down at Nathan. What a raging harpy. Before Nathan can slap Elizabeth with the half-open oozing palm he's knotting together, she answers Erin's call about Sarah. "I'll be back to check the sutures," she says coolly, leaving. Nathan considers this, then leaves Bravado with her gaping wound and trots after Hurricane Bitchmaggot.

"Don't you think that officer is possibly suffering from post-traumatic stress?" Nathan shouts to Elizabeth. She barely registers. "Yeah, call a social worker," she replies. Nathan stops, disgusted, and snarks that he's so silly for thinking it was a doctor's job to take care of patients. "If you insist on being in a surgery rotation, than act like a surgeon," Elizabeth spits while Erin pretends not to listen and love it. "Act like I don't give a damn -- got it," nods Nathan, turning on his heel. Go Nathan! Apparently, I'm that easy. If you want to win me over, insult Elizabeth and be Don Cheadle. "That woman's hand is still bleeding and in need of suture -- that's how you can help her," Elizabeth shouts.

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