One For The Road

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One For The Road

Carter dashes in through his front door and apologizes to Kem for being late. "I called the restaurant -- they can take us at 9:30. Let me throw on a clean shirt...." Kem sits up and interrupts that they should just stay home and watch a movie. Carter stops in his tracks and lets out a blast of frustrated air. Clearly this isn't the first, or even tenth, time Kem's cancelled on plans to leave the house. "Sure," he capitulates, going to sit on the couch. The second his ass hits the cushion, Kem bolts up to go get some Thai food menus. Carter gazes at the void with a heavy heart.

Abby quietly walks up to Neela, who is still suturing Fry Cook's chest. "The good news is the pupil went down," she says of Pratt. "The bad news is, he needs surgery and may have long-term brain damage." They have to wait and see. If this show cops out on Pratt having anything wrong with him, then this will be the worst season premiere ever. I'm not advocating damaging a character's brain, but just worrying that all this build will -- like most things on ER -- be for naught. Abby then kindly asks Neela if she wants to talk about what's wrong, but Neela suddenly does not, because it's not a good time for her. Never mind that she's been Abby's shadow all night trying to get in some face time. Neela needs to grow a pair. Now there's a story for you -- it's not that she doesn't want to be a doctor, it's that she doesn't want to be a female doctor. YES. Without A Trace? Without a tranny. Do it, TPTB! Neela encourages Abby to go home and get any sleep she can before starting tomorrow. "I don't think I'm going to be sued for missing a suture in a dead boy's chest," Neela says glumly. "Go. I'll wait for his mother." Abby understands that this is something Neela needs to do, for whatever reason, and leaves her. We fade to black on Neela finishing up her sewing job, impressed with her skill and wondering if, when she's done, she could perhaps have a crack at shortening those jeans I just bought that are so long they come past my toes. Stupid designer pants.

Pitch black. The only inkling I get that we've started up again is the NBC logo. Ah, but then we begin what ends up being one long shot, wherein we pan horizontally across all the characters we see. We begin with Luka moving across the screen while lying in bed and picking up the phone, ostensibly to call me; failing that, a 1-900 number. Evidently no one answered either line (where was I?! Curses!), so as a last resort he calls Sam.

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