One For The Road

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One For The Road

Chen watches Pratt's eyelids flutter open. She quickly tells him that he's been intubated, lest Pratt wonder why, for the first time in their joint history, he is the one with something massive down his throat. He wants a pad and pen, so Chen summons a nurse; Pratt scrawls a note and hands it over to her. "I have a shift at 8 AM," she reads with a smile. "Well, you're late," she starts to joke lightly. "It's already noon." But as soon as the words are out, concern washes over her face and she leans back onto her pillow to continue watching him. ...Whoa, the first time, I accidentally typed that she was washing him, and wow, am I happy we were also spared THAT WaterCam scene.

Abby scribbles things onto the board. Luka smiles at her. "That coat suits you," he says quietly. He's sort of right, but as Wing Chun pointed out, she shouldn't have chosen one without lapels because it makes her look very matronly. ["Susan should quit wearing them, too." -- Wing Chun] "Thank you," she grins at him. A nurse interrupts that Luka has a collect call, and he goes off to take it, baffled.

Neela appears in fresh scrubs and cheerfully invites Abby to breakfast. Abby wonders half-seriously if Neela moved into County. "I slept in the call room," she admits. "I [already] gave up my apartment." Abby wants to know if Pratt and Chen are okay. "Greg's not up," Neela says. Silence. "Well, it's only been a couple hours," Abby attempts.

This is where the writers decided they could shove in a chunk of Weaver to resolve that cliffhanger, most likely leaving them free to marginalize and minimize the character at will (and so that Laura Innes can direct, which...hey, at least her talents will be used somewhere). We join Weaver as she chats up her lawyer, The Bald Eagle, who is coaching her to relax. Eduardo Lopez asks if Weaver got all his messages. She unrolls her Jump To Conclusions mat, takes a hearty leap using her crutch as a pole vault, and lands on "Assume you and the person in question have said all there is to say." Eduardo torches her mat and asks her to hear him out, over El Macho Baldie's objections. "Two minutes, Kerry," Eduardo pleads, as his parents gaze up at Kerry from a level below.

We smash to a judge expositing that the Lopezes have agreed to give Weaver full legal and physical custody of Henry, in exchange for nannying him while Kerry is at work. Everyone nods; Weaver is weeping. "We just want to be a part of Henry's life," Mrs. Lopez says, beaming tearfully at Kerry. Say what? That's revisionist. They snatched the kid on the grounds that he wasn't biologically Kerry's, and they complained about her job and sued her for custody, and suddenly it was all just born of a heretofore unfounded fear that Weaver would cut them out of Henry's life? WhatEVer. Somebody is trying to dismantle an asspole of a storyline. As Kerry sobs a delighted thank you, we fade to black thinking that this might've had emotional resonance if there hadn't been many, many months since the finale, and if the whole charade hadn't then been swept under the rug. But hey, at least the Angel of Death plot will have some more company under there.

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