One For The Road

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One For The Road

Cut to Abby handing Burly a plastic bag: Apparently a freaked-out Tiffany yanked her pot tampon out all on her own. I hope Abby cleaned it.

Haleh asks Abby to sign George's death certificate. Gutted, Abby asks Haleh why she didn't come find her. "He was DNR; you were busy," Haleh replies. Abby pauses. "But you were with him?" she asks in a litte-girl voice. "Yeah," Haleh says. Abby is quiet again. "He was comfortable?" she finally asks. "Yeah," Haleh says, but with a slight this-isn't-your- job-anymore edge to her tone. Abby is left alone, kind of thrown.

Neela, of course, pops up again to try and turn the conversation toward her. Should've talked last night when the employed person offered some time and a willing ear, Neela. Abby accepts the coffee Neela has for her and they start to pedeconference. "I told the director I didn't want an internship," Neela begins. "At Michigan?" Abby asks. "Anywhere," Neela says. Abby is stunned. Neela says he told her to think about it. "You're lucky he didn't fire you!" Abby says. "Would've made it simpler," Neela sighs. Abby can't believe she's so close, after eight years of school, and can't stand one more year. "I don't want to do it," Neela says decisively. Abby thinks she's throwing away her future. "I'm not sure it's the future I want," Neela confesses. Abby gets called away somewhere and promises they'll get a bite to eat later. Okay, so that scene and indeed this entire episode told us absolutely nothing new at all about this storyline. Thanks a packet, TPTB.

At night, Luka is outside the motel, waiting for Sam to emerge. What's he been doing all day, then? Shopping? When she shows her face to get some ice, he calls out, "What are you doing, Sam?" She shrugs that this is what she does -- she's nomadic, Luka knew it, and she'll be that way "for as long as [she has] to." Luka insists that she can't keep running. She approaches him. "Sure I can," she says, but she doesn't even believe herself. "This isn't just about Steve," Luka begins. "I'm sorry," she interjects. "Sometimes there's collateral damage. I have to do this for Alex." Luka snorts that it doesn't seem to be floating Alex's boat terribly much. "Is this the life you want for him? For yourself?" he asks softly. Sam looks gutted. "I don't know what else to do," she admits. Luka knows he has her, and with growing firmness -- no, not in that way -- orders Sam to her car and tells her to follow him back to Chicago. "You don't have to do this alone," he says as she begins to cry. "You can trust me," he coos, stroking her face. I melted about two minutes ago, by the way. The executor of my will is finishing this recap. Sam allows herself a small smile as she no-shit-Sherlocks that trusting people isn't something she does very readily. "Give it a try," he breathes. "It can't be any worse than this, can it?" They both emit tiny chuckles.

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