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Abby grabs Susan and runs down a few cases as she heads for the elevator. Susan asks Abby how she's really doing, and Abby blows it all off. She sails into the elevator and rattles off, "I've processed all of my feelings of anger, shame, and guilt in an emotionally safe environment. I've addressed the urge to 'use' alcohol. Oh, and I've consulted both a shaman and a guru, so really, I'm all good." You know, I get that it would be annoying to have everybody asking how you are with the pity face, but it's just because they care. And they'll stop in a week, anyway. Actually, this crew is self-absorbed, so they'll probably stop in a day.

Neela assures Amy that Wendall needs a little more information from Foster Mom. Amy is psyched to hear that she won't be taken away. Neela tells her the conditions Wendall set out. Amy squeals and gives Neela a giant hug while Luka watches. Perv. Neela asks a nurse to take Amy up to the seventh floor. Luka tells Neela that she did a good job with this one. Neela thinks she screwed up with Florence, and that everyone must think she's an idiot. Luka puts an arm around Neela, pulls her aside, and goes through the procedure for death notifications. Neela says she knows all this, but Luka continues. Neela looks upset with herself and starts crying. Luka assures her that she's still learning, and hands her a tissue, which makes Neela chuckle, since he just told her to do that in death notifications.

Abby treats a woman with forehead lacerations who is upset because she's supposed to be a in wedding the next weekend. Darlene brings over the supplies and tells the patient that everyone will be looking at the bride anyway. Haleh walks in and tells Sam she owes her, because Haleh did some work for Sam. On Luka's orders, of course. Haleh adds, "He said you were a little overextended today, unlike the rest of us." Yeah, good one, Luka. Way to not play favorites or anything. Sam is taken aback. Sam excuses herself, saying that she has to go yell at someone. Abby warns her patient not to pluck her eyebrows in a moving car. Wow, what a spectacularly bad idea that was. Abby tells Darlene to prep the wound.

Out in the hallway, a mentally ill patient runs by yelling that they want to hurt him, and he runs right into Abby. Dubenko welcomes Abby back and starts blathering on and on about some studies he dug up on overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Abby is distracted by two parents yelling at Haleh to find them information about their son, one of the gunshot victims brought in earlier. The father angrily yells, "Get back here, bitch!" And he's black. Abby flinches and zones out. Dubenko tells Abby that the trick is to focus on the most traumatic part of your memory while also focusing on an external impulse. Which is pretty much what Abby was just doing by listening to the angry father and Dubenko at the same time. Dubenko hands over a giant binder of information, and Abby thanks him.

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