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Only Connect

Neela takes Florence down to the morgue to see her grandson. Simultaneously, Pratt takes the other kid's parents to see him in the ICU. Surprise! They mixed up the families! So Florence's grandson is alive, and the other couple's son is dead. Oops.

Abby, still at the El station, gets a call from Haleh about a patient. Abby promises to be there in a minute, and heads back to work.

Back in the ER, Weaver is ripping Susan a new one about the mix-up with the gunshot victims. Susan tries to explain, and Luka helps, but Weaver still doesn't get how it could have happened. Susan blames it on "a massive communication failure" and Weaver tells her that it's her job to make sure people communicate. Susan sighs and takes full responsibility. Pratt says that they screwed up, and Neela adds that they didn't talk, and didn't check the board. Weaver asks who was in which trauma. Luka says that he, Neela, and Sam worked on the dead kid, and Susan says that she, Shane, Pratt, and Malarkey worked on the other one. Weaver confirms that there was no overlap in coverage, and Darlene speaks up and says that she was in both. Everyone looks at her and says, "Who are you?" Darlene says she put a name alert on the board. Susan wonders why she didn't say anything, and Darlene says that no one listens to her or even remembers that she was in the room.

Spivak sidles up to Shane and Jake and says they look like they could use a vacation, then offers up his timeshare in Boca Grande. He adds that if they refer clients to him, he'll ante up. Susan spots him and calls for Security. Spivak tries to take off, and they all chase after him.

Jake watches the action, amused. He spots Abby and says he thought her shift was over. Abby says it's not. Jake asks if she was just taking a break on the El tracks, and Abby says she loves it up there. Jake smiles and says that he does too, because you never know who you'll run into. He walks off and Abby grins.

Pratt and Luka have to try to explain the mix-up to the dead kid's parents. Luka says he's going to tell them the truth, because they'll only remember if it seemed like they cared and were honest. Pratt asks if Susan told Luka to keep Pratt away from them. Luka admits she did. Pratt considers this and says he wants to go in the room. Luka agrees.

Spivak is escorted outside by Security, complaining that it's unconstitutional. Susan draws an imaginary line and says that if he crosses it, she'll have him arrested. Spivak says she can't do that, because it's public property, and she's violating his civil rights, because he never got to see a doctor. Susan responds, "So sue me." Shane points out that his office is being towed. Spivak runs over and stands between the tow truck and his RV, which seems like a bad idea. And it is, as he is crunched.

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