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Only Connect

Abby walks Neela out. Neela asks Abby if she ever gets crushes on people she works with. Heh. No, she just dates them and then has bad break-ups. Abby says she does sometimes. Neela's about to reveal more when Luka and Sam walk up. Abby grins, realizing who Neela is talking about. Abby tries to cover, and they all say good night. Neela takes off, and Abby remains amused.

Sam and Luka walk up to the El platform. Sam is pouty. Finally, she says that Luka is good at teaching other people how to communicate. Luka thanks her. Sam adds that they should try it sometime. Luka agrees, then grins and says that his English still isn't that good. Sam laughs in spite of herself and asks if he's pulling the Croatian card. They hug, and Luka says she was right about one thing -- he paid too much for the concert ticket. They kiss as the train pulls into the station. Dirty!

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