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Only Connect

Darlene, Neela, Shane West, and Pratt stand and stare at the attendings, who are having a meeting in Trauma Yellow. Neela is worried that they are going to close the ER, but Pratt says that there's talk of it every year and it never happens. Shane West points out that the timing isn't right for figuring out where students will match. Pratt says that they meet every month, but Neela points out that it usually happens upstairs. Pratt tells them all to stop being paranoid and get to work. Pratt is telling people to get to work? What is going on here? Malarkey walks up and freaks out over the meeting. Pratt suggests that they might be thinking of cutting a resident, which freaks Malarkey out even more. Weaver turns to look at the group, and Pratt orders everyone to scatter.

Inside the meeting, the important issue being discussed is Kerry's color choice for the conference room (lime green, which is her favorite). Weaver reminds Luka, Susan, and Carter to fill out charts completely and Carter yawns. Rude! Susan yawns too, saying that it's contagious and that Cosmo is teething. This is like every bad meeting I've ever been to, where annoying people have to throw out details on their personal lives and irrelevant factoids. Save it for your coffee klatch, Annie Admin and Molly Manager. Let's get through the meeting agenda and get out.

Weaver brings up the patient satisfaction scores from last episode, and says they need to bring them up. Carter notes that Abby is the only one with a decent score. Luka volunteers that Pratt is okay with patients, but the other doctors hate him. But the other doctors aren't filling out the patient satisfaction scores, are they? Chuny bustles in and says they need the room for an incoming trauma.

Everyone starts to walk out as Luka says they need to teach the residents to communicate better. Carter asks if he's the Croatian Dr. Phil. If Dr. Phil looked like Luka, I would watch that show a lot more often. Susan protests that the residents can't even communicate with each other. Luka thinks they need to get back to the basics of making eye contact and introducing themselves like normal human beings. Susan wonders if they could turn back time and make their parents love them more. I feel like you can have short wait times or you can have patient satisfaction, but that it's tough to have both. Luka thinks the medical school teaches the science, and the residency should teach the people skills. Weaver is paged and, as she walks out, advises them to try something, because it couldn't be worse than the current situation. Susan yawns again and says she's going to get coffee. Carter says he's going home.

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