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Only Connect

Neela asks Luka if sixteen ibuprofen can give you gastroenteritis. It might, but you won't feel it! Thanks, I'll be here all week. Luka asks why the patient is taking so much medicine, and whether he's depressed. Neela lies that she was just about to check. Sam walks up and gives Neela Amy's chart, describing her as "an obese fifteen-year-old with a forehead lac" because "her brother hit her over the head with a lamp." I'm telling you. Potassium. Syringe. Heart attack. Dead.

Neela and Sam head out to the waiting room and help Amy up from her seat on the floor. Her charming brother says that Amy is too fat to get up. But not too fat to sit on you if you don't shut it, rat face. Neela helps Amy inside while Sam drags Rat Face in by the hood of his jacket. He would be a good friend for Alex. They share the same shitty brattitude. I think I just made up a word! And when one of the doctors shares it, it's called Prattitude. And when Amy catches on, she'll have fattitude. And when the soldiers in Iraq join in, it'll be combattitude. Okay, I'll stop because I could go on all night.

Susan walks toward the hospital carrying coffee. She slips on some ice and falls down. Herb Spivak helps her up and points out the lack of salt on the sidewalk, suggesting that the hospital is liable. Susan says she's fine, but Spivak thinks that the pain could develop later, and starts rattling off medical terms. Susan asks if he's a doctor, and he introduces himself, handing her a card. Jerry comes outside and hollers to Susan that she has a phone call. Spivak tries a different tack now that he knows she's a doctor, saying that the hospital will hang her out to dry in a lawsuit. Susan snaps at him to get out of her ambulance bay. Undeterred, he offers her a free pen. Oh, those lawyers. They're so slimy and persistent. Like seaweed.

Luka walks in while Neela examines Amy. Neela can't even remember Amy's name. Luka tells Neela to present to him when she's done. Neela thinks she's in trouble, but Luka assures her that she's not. Luka keeps walking and finds Pratt taking a history for Bad Joker at high speed without even looking at the guy. Bad Joker claims that he used to work as a lumberjack, but he couldn't hack it, so they gave him the ax. Groan. Pratt doesn't react, and keeps running through his list of questions. He spots Luka hovering and asks if he needs something. Luka says he's just observing. Luka asks Sam to do something, and she bitches about all the work she already has to do, like isn't he her boss, sort of? I get that she's pissed at him, but she could at least pretend to be professional about it.

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