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Only Connect

Neela finds Sam near the vending machines and asks if she already called Social Work on Amy. Sam says she did, and then grabs her cup of coffee, which has Spivak's name and face on it. Sam chuckles. Neela wants to cancel the call to Social Work, explaining that she was too quick to make the decision. Sam says it's standard procedure for foster families. Neela says nothing and peels off as Sam walks up to Penny (remember her?), who is trying unsuccessfully to put in an IV. Sam protests that Penny is torturing the patient. Penny says that Dr. Kovac told them that Sam needed help today. I can see how Luka thought he was doing her a solid, but Sam didn't ask for his help, and it's not really Luka's place to be assigning helpers anyway.

Pratt's trauma isn't going well, and Pratt takes over. Malarkey has trouble with the chest tube (surprise!) and Pratt loses it. He takes over inserting the chest tube as Susan tells him to manage his team. Pratt complains that he's trying. Susan says that his criticism makes them nervous, and Pratt says he knows he they feel. Malarkey and Darlene point out that they're standing right there. The patient loses a pulse. Pratt tells Shane to check it again, and it's back now that the chest tube is in. Pratt asks Susan if it's okay to ask the residents to roll the guy up to the OR or if it would hurt their feelings. Once everyone is gone, Susan asks Pratt what that was all about. Pratt says he did an intubation, a chest tube, and a central line in less than fifteen minutes. Susan doesn't think the point was to do everything himself. Pratt asks, "Just because you all had a group hug this morning, do I have to listen to this touchy-feely crap all day?" Susan says yes. Pratt says he's not an intern. Susan tells him to stop acting like one, and to start teaching instead of destroying people's confidence. Pratt chooses to save his patient. Susan sighs. Oh, Susan. You know the old platitude. You give him too much latitude, and he busts out the Prattitude.

Wendall and Neela watch Amy sitting with her foster family. Wendall lists all the reasons the situation could be a problem. Neela says it's the best situation Amy's ever had. Which is sad when you realize that it involves being hit in the head with a lamp. Wendall thinks the safest thing to do is pull Amy from the home. Luka, who's always lurking and eavesdropping lately, asks if they are talking about the foster family. He wonders why they would break up a happy family. Wendall sighs and says that if the mom agrees to parenting classes, she'll consider reevaluating.... Wendall doesn't get to finish the sentence because Jerry interrupts to tell Neela there's a landlord on the phone for her. Neela assures Wendall that Foster Mom will do anything to keep Amy.

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