Out Of Africa

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Out Of Africa

Susan and Neela wheel Adam's crib into Trauma Green. "Can I see him?" Paula struggles. Neela picks up the baby and holds him up. "Can I touch him?" Paula asks. Ew! And they're fine with it! Wouldn't her charred, acrid, flaking flesh leave some kind of mark on the kid? Not to mention that he might freak out at the sight of Baked Mom? Sick. Paula reaches out for Adam, and he smartly yanks his hand away, grinning obliviously. Neela tries to patch the painful moment by chirping that Adam is alert and healthy. Paula wails when she tries to cry, and the tears sting, so Susan dabs them dry. Desperately, Paula asks when Henry is coming. "He's pretty upset," Susan begins. "He won't come in?" Paula realizes. Susan shakes her head. Paula looks heartbroken through her demolished, blackened face, but then steels herself and nods slightly. "It's better," she whimpers. She then asks Neela to take dictation, and Neela writes down her message of love as Susan turns away, upset. We fade to black kind of sad for Paula, and really, really wishing they would get that baby out of the room. Also, I still sort of want to call my mother.

Malarkey frantically tries to get a pulse on Athena, but it's been an hour and she's in asystole. "We're done, [Malarkey]," Luka says. Everyone stops. Coop looks distraught. "A five-minute physical exam could've picked up the bleed," Luka seethes. Luka, you've met Malarkey. He could do a five-hour physical exam and not pick up so much as a pulse. Luka adds that Athena might be alive if they hadn't made her wait eleven hours. "This woman had nowhere else to go," he says. "If we can't find a way to take care of people like her, nobody will." And he exits angrily, tossing his gloves with venom into the garbage. Coop stares at the floor, Samantha sighs with regret -- she could have followed up on it, too -- and Malarkey stalks away in a fit of complete insanity.

A man in the hallway is screaming, "Get me out of here!" As Malarkey charges past, tearing off his lab coat, he suddenly is seized by the urge to help and bolts toward the gurney, wheeling it outside at top speed. Once through the double doors, he gives the bed an extra shove and flounces away. "Somebody get that guy back in there," Coop mutters, dashing after Malarkey. "You didn't get this far just to walk away!" sputters Coop. Malarkey screams that he's quitting: he's only gotten this far because Coop carried him, and he's sick of being carried, sick of sucking at his job, and sick of building brick villages in his tighteys every time something at County alarms him. Pratt saunters outside to catch the tail end of Malarkey's rant. "Bailing?" he oozes. "Let him walk. Don't miss your train, sweetie." Fed up, Malarkey glares at Pratt and leaves without a word. Coop shouts that Pratt is just testing him, then turns to Pratt ."You just tested him, right?" Pratt arrogantly shakes his head. "Great," Coop exhales. "That worked out well." ["Seriously, are Coop and Malarkey lovers? I can't think of any other reason Coop would go so far out of his way to cover for Malarkey except that Coop loves him." -- Wing Chun] Pratt shrugs to Coop that not everyone's cut out for this. "Get back to work. Jury's still out on you," he says. Wait, he and Coop are both R2s; it's awfully audacious of Pratt to act like he's Chief Resident, and it makes me want to introduce him to the sole of my boot.

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