Out Of Africa

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Out Of Africa

Susan worriedly tries to reach Bob at home, but there's no answer. Neela doesn't have a car, and apparently neither does Susan, so she flags down an ambulance crew and orders Neela to page her if anything happens with Paula.

Cut to the ambulance roaring down a dark street.

Bob is inside his home working away on some miniatures when the medics and Susan bust through his door. He lifts his head, but doesn't turn toward them. "Is there a problem?" he asks, bemused. Susan takes one look at him and vows to wring his old, sagging neck.

Sam sits outside County staring off into middle distance. Abby approaches good-naturedly and introduces Elizabeth. "It's [Sam's] first day," Abby exposits. "You do have that County glaze about you," Elizabeth grins. Sam smiles back that it wasn't as awful as her previous two jobs. "I'm used to getting hit hard -- MVA, GSW, knife in the [toe]," Sam lists. OW, OW, OW, SWEET MOTHER SHITNUTS, OW. Sam just landed herself on my list, and I swear the writers of this show are trying to wreak their revenge by slowly driving me insane with nightmares. Sam grins that at least County lets her catch her breath. "Yeah, that's what I love about County -- all the quiet time," Abby deadpans. Sam chuckles. "So you used to be a nurse?" she asks Abby, interested. "Still am, I guess," Abby says. Sam nods that being in transition is a good thing, and Elizabeth and Abby invite her to join them for dinner. It's a nice scene: I like to see people bonding rather than acting threatened by each other and all that stupid nonsense. Chen, I'm looking in your direction -- or, I would be, if they'd bothered writing you into this episode. Sam is grateful, but declines the invitation because she's waiting for "[her] guy." Then she jumps up as a car arrives. "Here he is! Have a good night!" she calls out. The car door opens, and out hops a moppet. "This is your new hospital?" he asks, screwing up his nose. "Yep," she says. "It's even crappier than the last one," he notes. Nice language. Of course, my saying that is like the pot telling the kettle that all its exposure to heat has ruined its skin. "Hey, watch it, kiddo," Sam says affectionately, hugging her son to her and walking him inside.

Luka rounds up Coop, Neela -- who is fixating on Paula a little and seems really affected -- and Gallant, not seeming to notice that Malarkey is gone. He then speechifies about providing faster but better care. Then he charges into triage and orders the patients into a line. They'll be treated three at a time so that by 10, a doctor will have seen every one of them.

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