Out Of Africa

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Out Of Africa

Romano then wonders aloud which attending should bear the brunt of his daily rage. "I just came on," Dr. Susan "Lovely & Amazing" Lewis offers. Frank exposits that Luka's busy treating a baby. "I thought he was dead," yawns Romano. "Hey, look at that, nice hand!" Susan exclaims. Romano offers to let her see it in action. "Buy me a drink first," she teases. Insert "I think the handicapped toilet needs plunging -- see you in five" joke here. Wait, I just did.

In Trauma Yellow, Luka first asks for a refresher on Neela's name, and then gives instruction as he's treating the baby. Malarkey pops up, all ready to offer assistance simply because he knows he's not needed to do anything more than answer the phone. Luka tells the emotional mother, Paula, that baby Adam may have a skull fracture. Malarkey taps Luka and tells him Weaver's on hold for him in the hallway, so he leaves Malarkey in charge and promises the mother that they'll get a head CT. Neela asks Malarkey to let her draw the blood. "It's not a good student case," Malarkey says, deepening to his grown-up voice. "You're students?" gasps Paula. "She is. I'm a doctor," puffs up Malarkey. Neela shoots him a doleful glare while Chuny watches, frowning.

Romano demonstrates his Utah arm, contracting his biceps and triceps to show how it makes his droid arm work. Pratt calls him RoboDoc, which of course rankles The Mechanical One and leads to him sniping about Pratt's habit of pissing off all the other departments in the hospital. ["It's also a nice shout-out to Paul McCrane's role in RoboCop." -- Wing Chun] "Better oil that thing. Starting to get squeaky," Pratt smarms. "Get out of here," spits Romano. He resumes the demonstration, but a turn of his wrist accidentally causes his rubber fingers to crush the glass vial he was holding. "I wouldn't use that to do a rectal," Susan deadpans. Yeah, but it would add so much dramatic tension to Turn Your Head and Cough.

It's pointed out to Malarkey that baby Adam's sats are dropping, because Malarkey wouldn't recognize dropping sats if they were plunging down a buxom neckline. He does realize, because he has eyes, that the baby isn't moving air, and must therefore be having trouble either breathing or securing a U-Haul. He demands a blade. "You're going to intubate?" gapes Neela. Naturally, Paula panics again as Neela tries to cover for her shock by calmly explaining what that means. Clearing her throat, Neela wonders if perhaps they should fetch Luka.

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