Out Of Africa

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Out Of Africa

Pratt coasts by asking where his surgical consult is. Romano hitches his high horse to the scruff of Pratt's neck and trots them into the patient's room, sassing that the supposed bowel obstruction is nothing more than an ileus that requires no surgery. "Do not pass go, do not occupy another bed, and do not continue waiting for Dr. Godot to come down from Surgery!" he steams. Pratt argues that he'd rather be sure, so Romano starts to perform a cursory and crabby surgical consult until a figure in a white coat emerges from the background. "Hi," says Abby "Old School" Lockhart. "Nice costume," Romano snaps. Abby stops their argument in its tracks by announcing that she's returned to med school, she's on her surgical rotation, and she's here for the consult. The hell? No one in the ER noticed that they were down a head nurse? That "I'd hate to lose you" anvil from Kerry broke my foot, and yet I'm denied watching her head explode when Abby gives notice? I call shenanigans. Romano looks totally appalled. "You waited three and a half hours...for Abby?" he seethes. Abby lets a secret little smile flit across her face. We fade to black wondering why, despite being happy that she's changed her career, she took pleasure in that particular insult.

After the break, Abby and Susan pedeconference about this development. Abby says she never meant to quit med school completely, and that this seemed like the best time to go back, what with the nursing shortage and her total lack of money. Also, fuck this noise -- in "Secrets and Lies" she bitched everyone out about how they were snobs for not understanding that her job was more satisfying to her, and that she chose not to go back, and they should respect it. Way to negate the good that speech did. Essentially, this show stuck up for nurses, then got them drunk and tried to cop a few dirty feels. Classy. Susan asks how she paid for school, and Abby confesses that she made Richard help. "Good for you," Susan glows. Abby informs us that as soon as she paid her tuition again, the school put her right back on rotation. No need to prove she's retained anything from the days of yore. Because it's that easy. Hey, I've recapped a few seasons of this show -- bet they'd let me do a rotation or two, too. ["Sure -- everything but Ophthalmology." -- Wing Chun] Abby exposits that she's still covering a couple of nursing shifts for the extra money, but generally, she's really happy. She smiles and laughs. She looks lighter. Having no Carter, no family, and no frown lines really flatters her. She and Susan joke about mnemonic devices until Sam approaches. "Are you from the OR?" she asks Susan. "No, I'm not, but she is," Susan says proudly. It's a bit sweet. Sam drags Abby to the trauma room to look at an intra-abdominal bleed.

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