Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

At the crash scene. Brody departs in an ambulance, leaving Gallant free to check on Weaver's progress. Lopez, staring out her own anus, manages to spy him running toward the Rig of Peril and sort of cautions him firmly against it, but you know, whatever he wants to do is probably also fine. Gallant runs against a wall of firemen, but encounters zero resistance yet again, finally ending up right across an electrified puddle from the open ambulance. Weaver yells that Vicki's having hypertonic contractions, with a blood pressure dipping down to 68 over 40. "That's way too low, right?" Gallant booms. Hearing this, Vicki freaks out that she might be in grave condition; Weaver looks tempted to punish his bonehead lack of discretion by forcing Gallant to pull out the baby with his left foot and some twine. It's always encouraging, while bleeding and birthing a baby in the back of a smoking ambulance, to hear that the doctor not only isn't totally sure about the basics of blood-pressure, but that you are up shit creek without a strong pulse. Weaver quiets her so that she can listen to the fetal heart rate.

Power lines snap and whip through the air in a sadist's storm fantasy. Weaver tries to remain focused as Gallant yells that it's possible the transformer will blow and kill the rogue sparking lines. Vicki screams in pain as Weaver finishes a few diagnostics, then sits back with a slow breath. Her eyes glaze with a distant, distressed expression, betraying her cold fear that she's powerless to save Vicki or the baby. The fire ebbs out of her; without touching her, I know she's clammy. "Dr. Weaver?" Gallant calls, troubled by her silence. Slowly, Weaver unearths a nugget of hope, and makes clear without words that she's about to try something ill-advised, maybe even dangerous, but definitely last-resort. Laura Innes can speak volumes with just a well-paced breath. Turning to Gallant, she gulps, "I need your help. Can you get in here safely?" Why, sure he can! There's no one guarding the accident site, or the supposed puddle of lethal electrical pulses that's pooling politely around the Rig of Peril. So Gallant just backs up a bit, charges at the ambulance and successfully leaps aboard. They cut it so quickly that we never actually see how he heaves himself inside; we see him appear next to Weaver in something akin to a base-stealing position, which is ridiculous because if he'd really thrown himself into that narrow space in that basic position, he'd have cracked his kneecaps. But who needs those?

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