Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

Peter, Cleo, and Roma Maffia, Attorney-At-Law, confer in her office while The Storm cranks up the volume on its Bohemian Rhapsody. Roma contends that the DNA test would've happened eventually, so it's better that he consented to it without a judge's order. She reveals that, due to the very rare circumstances of the case, there's no real legal precedent to guide their way. She calls it "Stepfather vs. Stepfather" because neither man is genetically tied to Reese. "I'm not his stepfather," Benton barks, chafed. "I'm his father." Cleo chips in that Roger never questioned Reese's paternity until Carla's death, which seems fishy to her ("That's irrelevant," murmurs Roma), and Peter adds that Carla did actually put "Peter Benton" on Reese's birth certificate as the baby's father. Roma agrees that such an action precludes Carla from challenging the paternity from beyond the grave, but unfortunately, Roger is at full liberty to contest it. "Peter, you are going to have to allow Roger to resume partial visitation," counsels Roma, because Roger's attorney will doubtless draft a pre-trial motion for court-ordered visitation rights until the custody case is resolved. "If you don't stipulate now, you will lose that hearing and be painted as the heavy," she warns. Peter can't believe that he could be painted as the bad guy, when Roger's trying to rob him of his child. I can't believe Benton wouldn't see this as a normal part of the grieving process -- Roger and Reese are the two people most directly affected by Carla's death, and it can only help them to work through it together. Acting like playground foes fighting over a football doesn't help anyone. "You have to stay focused on the endgame, and not let anger, or fear, impede that goal," Roma insists. Cleo looks blankly at Peter, because her dictionary feature is offline. He just sighs and glances sadly at Reese, who is curled up on the couch scribbling merrily on a legal pad.

Weaver shakes Vicki awake just as her blood pressure begins to dip. "Spike another liter," Weaver orders, presumably speaking of saline. "What does 'spike' mean?" Gallant asks. After Buffy last night, I think it means a whole bunch of new and interesting things. Here, though, it refers to a method of administering the saline. "Hey, you -- firefighter," Weaver yells charmingly at Lopez. "I need more light!" Lopez repeats her name huffily, but does get Scotty over there to turn on his brights and point them at the bowels of the Rig of Peril. Gallant shifts to Vicki's left side, with Weaver across the swollen belly from him. Tensely, she lifts the knife for the first incision.

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