Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

Here, we get a great shot of Gallant flinching and looking pretty sickened by what he's seeing. I totally feel his pain. I kept covering my eyes, until I realized it might hinder the recapping a tad. Vicki tips her head up for a better view; it occurs to me that hospital C-sections employ a curtain blocking the woman from gawking, and possibly puking, at her innards. Yet another reason to pity Vicki. She's all, "Whee! Look how neatly my belly rips open!" Weaver orders Gallant to grab a skin flap and pull, mirroring her technique. Vicki moans, understandably. Cut to a horrible shot of their blue gloves pulling apart a volcanic prosthetic belly stuffed with redness that's anxious to leak out. We hear the sound of parting faux-flesh and gurgling, goopy bodily fluids. Ew. Is there no pleasant way to pop out a baby? "Is that my baby?" Vicki asks, dazed. No, honey, it's your uterus. Lie down. Weaver wants the scalpel so she can cut into the womb and retrieve Baby Tragedy. "You want me to let go?" asks a scared Gallant. Weaver looks up sharply from the Easy-Bake Belly, concerned that Gallant can't one-hand a wall of flesh.

Carter finishes up with Julie, sharing that they're sending her upstairs for a more complete scan to detect any other injuries. "Tell the nurse if you want any more pain medication, okay?" he suggests. Julie is too groggy to realize how royally she can abuse that option. "I'm sorry about your dog," Susan simpers. Once Julie is gone, Carter totally ribs her for all the canine commentary. "It can be traumatic to lose a pet!" Susan protests. "Especially if you see it happen." What follows is a little "Look, we have chemistry!" segment, the most interesting part of which is the reveal that Susan named her pet "Happy." That seems totally Susan to me, whereas Carter strikes me as the type to go for really pretentious names like Archibald or Ignatius, probably after some bonehead doctor who invented the lab coat.

Mark stares morosely at the TV, which flashes coverage of little Joey's search-and-rescue mission. He exposits to Susan that the kid is still missing and restates yet again that Joey is Daniel's younger brother. Got that? Big brother loses little brother? Right-o. Frank interrupts to grouch that his Palm Pilot has gone missing, stolen by a passing derelict. And finally, Alger staggers inside and grabs Carter, panting that he found Gamma collapsed on the driveway in the rain, possibly with a broken hip. I'm not entirely sure why it was safe to pick her up and toss her in the car, but hey, it's not my Gamma.

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