Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

Abby and Mark pack into the elevator again, this time to retrieve Joey from the helicopter. Mark's obviously preoccupied. "People think kids don't listen to their parents," Abby muses. "But they do. If they tell you you're nothing, you think you're nothing." That's true of almost any negative influence, be it peers or parents, but the thought has clearly tweaked a nerve in Abby. I heard a rumor she's neither pretty nor special -- maybe that's bugging her. "How cold do you think that water is?" Mark wonders. Abby guesses somewhere near 40°, to which Mark replies ominously, "Hope it's colder than that." There must be something about body chemistry that I don't understand -- well, besides absolutely everything -- wherein Joey's survival rate will improve if he's been in extraordinarily freezing water. I think Mark's intent is to convey that he wants to save Joey for Daniel's sake, but the line delivery instead gives the impression that he wishes Joey would die a horrible frostbitten death. Given his penchant for playing God, maybe he'll run little Joey down to the river and dunk him a bit longer.

As the elevator doors part, we get a very expensive shot of The Helicopter That Didn't Drop A Hero From 1500 Feet, with rain from The Storm digitally superimposed over it. The EMT bellows that Joey has no pulse and isn't breathing on his own, having drifted a mile down the river and gotten tangled in debris from The Storm and the crane accident. So apparently, Joey wasn't PEA at all -- he was asystole, which is worse and means his heart is taking a long vacation.

Susan silently stitches Gamma's head wound. Carter enters and asks her to assess the pain on a scale of one through ten. "It hurts, John," Gamma sighs, unwilling to play these little doctor-patient games he so cherishes. Carter orders more morphine before confirming that Gamma did indeed break her hip, but will need a much more intensive examination to determine whether it will heal naturally or surgically. Gamma takes a deep breath, opens her mouth and chows down on a nice plate of hash made from her own words. "I should've listened to you about the car," she admits. "I'm sorry." Carter would like very much to revel in his supreme rightness, but he can't, because he has worse news to break. Gingerly, he informs Gamma that she hit more than a dog -- she hit a young woman, Julie, who Carter insists is okay because they've taken good care of her. A clap of thunder hits, along with a flash of lightning that illuminates Foreshadowing making out with Rex the Wonder Preemie in the next room. Susan spies a speeding gurney outside the room, and discreetly slips away to investigate ["I think that was Foreshadowing's fraternal twin Dramatic Irony." -- Wing Chun]; Gamma, meanwhile, is horrified. "I hit a girl?" she whimpers. "I drove away! I left, I should've checked to see! Oh my God!" Carter understands how confused she was, then realizes something worse is brewing and brushes Gamma off in order to follow Susan.

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