Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

Luka scans the board, onto which Carter is inking a few more patients. "Getting backed up?" he asks. Carter puffs up that he's actually doing quite well, even after the victims of three different multi-vehicle accidents arrived. A nurse notices on the news that a construction crane toppled into the river, but everyone ignores her. Carter tries to enlist Abby's aid, but Haleh stops them both and insists that they stay until Cleo surfaces, because if she lets them leave, then everyone will want to leave. That's a real testament to Cleo's popularity, which registers somewhere between "ant colony" and "curdled milk on the carpet."

Carter tells Michael "I Love Chicago in the Rain" Gallant to go perform a disimpaction. Cheerfully, he goes. Enter the ever-brisk Dr. Kerry "It's Raining Men? I Hadn't Noticed" Weaver, crutching her way back into our hearts after a two-week absence, Emmy™ snub and an apparent dye job. She tells Haleh that the basement is flooding, ordering the nurse to skip downstairs and help salvage the myriad damp files. Haleh refuses, until Weaver pointedly reminds her that Payroll's paperwork is stored down there, too. "I'll be right down," Haleh amends quickly. Gallant chooses this moment to introduce himself to Weaver and ask that she please consider wiping out the warning he received for skipping "journal club." Oh, that sounds awful. That's fifth-grade creative-writing class awful, like a bunch of adolescents sitting around reading snippets of short stories that have titles like "King Blobbie and the Blobbish Bunch" and "The People Who Lost Something That Once Belonged to Them." Weaver probably agrees with me, but lectures Gallant on attending all the ER lectures because they're a mandatory part of the rotation. He is apologetic, but explains that he had an equally mandatory outside commitment involving his scholarship -- namely, Army Reserve duty. Weaver agrees to tear up the letter and asks for his Army schedule so that they can prevent future misunderstandings. Abby cuts in and informs Weaver that there's a stabbing victim en route, ETA at five or ten minutes depending on weather-related traffic. Weaver kicks into her usual frenzy.

Clad in a dapper suit, Dr. Peter "Reese Lightning" Benton enters and wonders if he's missed the cake already. "Still waiting," Abby tells him. Frank rushes to Benton and hands him an envelope that arrived via messenger from Genetadine Labs. "Are you having yourself cloned?" he demands to know. "That's the cloning place, right?" Benton ignores him and beelines toward the lounge. "Uh, they mainly do DNA analysis," Gallant offers quietly. "Yeah," Frank deadpans. "Cloning."

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