Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

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Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain

Mark calmly tells Daniel that Joey is perfectly fine. "Thank you for saving him," Daniel says. "Is my Mom with him?" Aw. Poor kid. Mark shares that Dipshit Dad and Mia are upstairs coddling Joey, but soon the brothers will share a room. Then, Mark tries to relate to Daniel on a level he imagines to be cool and unusually frank for an adult, but which comes off as insipid and creepy. "I want to tell you something, but you can't tell any other kids, okay?" Mark begins. Daniel is frightened. He's already heard about the birds and the bees. But Mark only wants to share that parents aren't always right just because they're parents. Oh God, don't let this be some kind of Rachel meta -- you are RIGHT, Mark, in her case. She's a tool. Stay strong. Daniel isn't impressed by Mark's revelation. "I want you to promise me something," Mark continues, oblivious. "Don't listen to them. Don't believe that you're not just as good as your brother...One day, they may realize that, but you can tell them it doesn't matter, knew before they did." Daniel smiles and nods, having tuned out about two minutes ago and being all the happier for it.

Weaver clears out her locker for the day. Gallant interrupts with news that Romano is looking for her; Vicki needed a hysterectomy, but survived The Storm and is in stable condition. "He also told me that I should try to stay away from you if I'm going to survive med school," grins Gallant. "Well, nobody actually listens to Dr. Romano around here," she tells him. Ha. I love it when she has a sense of humor. I could actually grow fond of this relationship if Weaver is allowed to be a full-time human again. They have a sweet rapport. Gallant praises her actions that night, flogging himself lightly for being out of his element and slightly unsettled. "You wouldn't know it," Weaver compliments him. Then, in a lovely bit, Weaver suggests that he escort Baby Tragedy up to Vicki's room, which totally delights Gallant. "I was scared out there for a while," he admits, exhaling hard. Weaver smiles wryly. "Gallant, I was scared out there the whole time," she says, adding that he was admirably observant, focused, competent, and cool-headed. After sharing that Brody will be just fine, too, Gallant marvels, "We saved everybody, didn't we?" Weaver notes that sometimes, working in the ER brings a few good days along with the chaos. "I like the good days," Gallant decides. "Enjoy them when they come," Weaver says in parting, opening her fashionable and conveniently placed Burberry umbrella and heading out into the night, alone.

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