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Piece Of Mind

County. Dan has a new bandage around his chest tube, and tells Carter he feels better since they gave him some drugs. Carter hands off Dan's chart to Luka "Death Becomes Him" Kovac (uh oh, Dan) and tells Dan he's going off-duty, but that Luka will pick up where Carter left off. Carter jargons to Luka, and Dan asks, "Is that bad?" Luka explains, "You could be at risk for a heart attack; we need to admit you for observation." Dan asks Carter, "Did they start his surgery?" Carter looks blank, and Dan reminds him (rather patiently, if you ask me), "My son. You know, they took him to the operating room to operate on his leg, but nobody's told me how he's doing." Carter promises Dan that Luka will find out, and takes off without a backward glance. Luka asks Dan whether he was having chest pain before the accident; Dan says he doesn't remember anything. Luka asks whether Dan passed out, and when Dan expresses confusion, Luka explains, "With angina, you can get an irregular heartbeat," which can cause fainting because "your heart doesn't pump enough blood to your brain." Dan seems to seize on this, wondering aloud whether that could have caused his accident; Luka says it happens a lot. "So it wasn't my fault!" Dan concludes, happily. Well, maybe. But it's not like Luka was there. Dan groans that he has to talk to his wife, and immediately grunts with pain, as various machines start beeping. Luka asks if his chest hurts, and Dan says it does -- "like a son-of-a-bitch." Luka calls Malik over and tells him Dan is having an MI. Dan, apparently never having watched a single TV show or movie that took place in a hospital, doesn't know that an MI is a heart attack. Luka tells Dan that they need to go to the cath lab to open his blocked artery, and they wheel him off, Dan protesting all the while that he needs to talk to his wife.

New York. Mark groggily awakens from surgery, now with gauze around his head. Mark correctly answers where he is and what day it is; Dr. Burke indicates Elizabeth and asks Mark if he knows who she is, and Mark mumbles, "I've never seen her before in my life." But he's kidding, worse luck. Dr. Burke performs some more quick tests on Mark's fingers and toes, and seems pleased by the results. Mark asks how the procedure went, and Dr. Burke says, "Fantastic. Resected the tumour with clean margins; chemotherapy wafers are in." Mark says, "No." Dr. Burke assures him, "Oh, sir! They're only tiny little thin ones!" "No. Fuck off, I'm full," Mark burbles. "Oh, sir...they're only wafer thin!" Dr. Burke promises. Mark relents. And then his head blows up. I wish. Elizabeth needles Mark that she was right, that he made it. Dr. Burke tells them both to get some rest. Elizabeth pulls up a stool and asks him if he remembers anything. Mark says, "Something about a baby?" Elizabeth reminds him about the discussion of boys' names as if we weren't already all bored comatose the last time, and Mark mumbles, "We're going to have a boy." Elizabeth gazes at him, trying for carnal love but, as usual, taking a wrong turn at sisterly affection.

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