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Piece Of Mind

Cath lab. Dan complains that he feels like someone parked a Volvo on his chest. He's still throwing PVCs. Luka tries repositioning his chest tube. Dan tells Luka again that he needs to speak to his wife, and Luka impatiently tells him that he'll talk to Debra, and that Dan should relax. ["You know, I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating -- Luka is wearing a gown over his street clothes, a surgical cap, and Elvis-impersonator sterile goggles. Everything is covered except his sideburns. The man is virtually invisible. And he's still hot. Okay, that's all." -- Sars] Dan regrets that he was arguing with CuteDean when the accident happened. Luka, showing more interest in Dan and his family than anyone at County has had thus far, asks how old CuteDean is; Dan says he's fifteen. Yeah, fifteen and sixty-three months. Luka muses, "[It's] part of being that age: he needs your support the most when he wants it the least." "You a dad?" Dan asks, apparently shocked that Luka's paying him any attention. After a beat, Luka mutters, "No." (Dude. So sad!) A nurse approaches and says that Debra wants to come in; a gowned and masked Dr. Kayson-Gorpley agrees, "For a minute." Debra enters, all gowned up. "You look like a nurse!" crows Dan. She giggles sort of sheepishly, and says that CuteDean's awake: "They took the tube out, he's breathing on his own, and...well, he's asking for a cheeseburger." Dan thanks god, and Debra glances around and notices that -- hey, her husband's been injured too. Huh. She asks him if he's okay, and he fills her in, adding that "the doctors" think that the blockage made him pass out, causing the accident. Well, actually, one doctor theorized that that's what could have caused the accident. I still happen to think you took your eyes off the road, since we saw you do it about forty times. Debra stutters an apology for the way she behaved earlier, and Dan tells her, "You thought I did it again." Because this is totally the right time and place. Not. Dr. Kayson tells her to leave, and the nurse who ushered her in ushers her out again. Dan tells Debra to tell CuteDean he'll see him soon. "You better," says Debra gently.

New York. A nurse, Terry, is going on break and offers to bring Elizabeth some frozen yogurt, which Elizabeth politely declines. Terry leaves, and Mark sits up, trying to detach himself from the various monitors, saying, "I have to go now. I'm late." Elizabeth brightly tells him she's glad he's still got his sense of humour, but he's not kidding: "I left the oven on." He takes off his blood-pressure cuff and the monitor starts beeping; Terry hurries back and says, "He's off the monitor." Elizabeth yelps, "I know! I know! He's altered!" Mark asks for his car keys. Elizabeth asks Terry to give him some valium, but Terry says that she has no orders for that. Mark refuses to lie back down, yammering about a burning lasagna. Elizabeth says that Mark needs sedation, "and a stat head CT," but Mark replies that he needs to leave. Terry points out that Elizabeth doesn't have privileges at this hospital. Or in this state. Elizabeth begs Terry to page Dr. Burke, but Terry says that Burke is on an emergency consult. "What do you think this is?" Elizabeth snips. I think it's a late Christmas gift for me.

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