Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis?

At the desk, there's another tiny mix-up, this time between the Escalona brothers' files. Abby thinks Susan is caring for Rudy, but she's actually on Jorge, and Mark is Rudy's physician. He passes and snatches the lab results from Abby's hand. I can't decide if the confusion is going to tie into something later, or if it's a ham-handed attempt at comedy. I dearly want to leave it out, but I'm afraid to in case it turns out to be important.

Mark hurries to Jorge and Papa Escalona, waving test results that show high levels of the stimulant ephedra in Rudy's blood. Papa swears that Rudy doesn't take any such training supplements, but Jorge confesses that Rudy did drink Beta-Morph sometimes. Papa is horrified. Jorge spits that it's easy to get -- being over-the-counter and all -- and Rudy wanted to chug a six-pack of it before sparring Jorge, just so he could finally compete. Mark reveals that the drink hiked up Rudy's blood pressure to dangerous levels, rupturing a blood vessel. "Why would he do it?" gasps Papa. "For you, Dad!" screams Jorge. I'm sorry. I can't do this. I feel steeped in subplot. Jorge blathers about paternal pressure and stage-parents, blah blah pressure snore blah champion blah drool yawp Rudy wasn't tough enough. Jorge tries to quit boxing. "You were born with a gift!" shouts Papa. "No! Here's your gift!" Jorge snaps, punching the wall and busting a hole in it. Papa stares at his son's bloodied hand and looks more put out at the ruined plaster than his child's ruined knuckles. Also…does anyone out there buy that they're father and son? Papa looks more like he's related to Frank.

Divorce Court. Benton and Roma sit impatiently in the hall during the recess, the former complaining that Eyebrows is spinning everything his way. "We'll get it back on your testimony," Roma promises. Suddenly, Jackie appears. She couldn't sit idly by while Benton fought alone for Reese, so she decided to show up where he specifically asked her not to be. Benton glumly reveals that Roger looks like an angel. "I asked him to help out with Reese a couple of times, [and] he made it seem like it happens all the time," he gripes, pacing to the water fountain for refreshment. Eyebrows and Roger round the corridor corner and pass between Benton and Jackie, conveniently barring him from restraining his mouthy sister. "Leave us alone!" she implores Roger, grabbing him. "Stop it, and tell the truth!" Roma half-heartedly tells Jackie to back off. Jackie isn't hysterical; rather, she's beseeching, confusedly pleading with Roger to come to his senses. But she's become an irritating character, as if TPTB want to keep Khandi Alexander on staff but can't be bothered to make her likable anymore. Much of this feels like her fault, given her insistence that Roger should be phased out of Reese's life. "Get your own family!" she booms. Roger throws up his hands. "He got us here," Roger seethes. "His choice." Jackie rambles about Reese belonging to them, sounding totally off her rickety rocker and basically making it hard for anyone to claim she's a stable influence on her own toaster, much less a young child. Benton wrestles her away from the courtroom door, through which Roger has disappeared.

Carter eavesdrops on his porking patients, then spies Susan sitting in the next room. She's got paperwork spread out on a bed, but she's staring off into space, clearly listening to the thumping and groaning. Carter calls her on it, and Susan almost jumps out of her clogs. She covers by saying she's just catching up on paperwork. "You usually chart in admit, or in the lounge," he points out. Hello, stalker. Susan defends her right to chart wherever she likes, and insists she doesn't need to get her kicks from aural sex. Abruptly, the banging stops. "Think she's okay?" Susan gasps, scampering to the exam-room door. Carter smirks and taps on the window. Mark passes by with a frown, sternly wearing his "what's all this, then?" face. "Ask Carter," Susan giggles. Carter shrugs. Gallant stifles a snicker. Mark glares.

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