Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis?

Roma is furious. "You can't let that happen again," she fumes to Benton outside the courtroom. Cleo defends Peter, noting that he was thoroughly provoked, but Roma doesn't care because Benton's only job was to keep cool, and he failed. "I said what I had to say," Benton pouts. Roma snarks that she hopes it made him feel better, because it also shot their case in the chest, and as we all just found out, that requires a long operation. Cleo asks Roma what the judge said in his chambers; apparently, he saw fit to reveal his bias, which right now is with Roger because of his impressive availability. "I'm available to Reese," protests Peter. Words aren't enough, though; Roma bitches that Peter's long hours at work are crippling their case. She wants him to shift his priorities and make tough choices, which presumably means reconsidering his line of work. So obviously, all you aspiring doctors out there have no business starting a family. This plotline is brought to you by the makers of Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

Rachel sulks in a dark exam room. Mark enters quietly and demands to know how well acquainted she is with Andrew. "What's that mean?" she snaps. To the surprise of no one, Andrew tested positive for marijuana; Mark reveals this as he hands Rachel a copy of the tox screen's results. Rachel brats that she thought these things were confidential. She's a wench, but she's right. Maybe she'll blow the whistle, and then blow out of town. Rachel swears she wouldn't smoke, and doesn't appreciate it when Mark places a small cup on the table in front of her. "Good, then you'll test negative," he says. "Are you serious?" Rachel gapes. They bicker about whether she deserves his trust, and she feeds him all kinds of excuses as to why she rode home with Andrew -- she missed the bus, she couldn't prevent him from stopping, and she didn't want to bother Mark. Given that he didn't talk to her when she called earlier, but shouted messages through Haleh, I can see why she might feel that way -- but she's a tweak, so I refuse to validate her any further. "You want me to pee in a cup?" she says, still amazed. "Yep," Mark answers grimly. Good for him.

As Gallant passes, her, Abby grabs him and says that Rudy's due in the morgue, so he needs to get the decedent packet from Frank. She then spies Luka returning from his brooding break, and flags him down on the pretense of having treated one of his patients. "Everything okay?" she pushes. "She's leaving town," Luka says curtly. He doesn't know why. "What about the baby?" Abby noses. "There is no baby," he spits, leaving before Abby can say those four little words: Next time, think, dumb-ass. But she doesn't delight in his misery.

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