Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis?

Benton introduces himself to Ray, who has camped out in the lobby with his sleeping daughter. Peter reassures the man that the procurement teams will be there imminently, and they can put all this behind them. "She doesn't understand," Ray babbles. "I can't handle this alone." Benton groans inside and intones, "You'll do the best you can."

As Sandy perches on a bed, Weaver sits opposite her and examines the hand wound. "I thought you were supposed to be on light duty," admonishes Weaver knowingly. She lightly busts Sandy for working despite orders not to, and then assures her that the wound isn't infected. They stare at each other until Kerry breaks away and sputters, "So, is, uh, Captain Devlin still at the seven-five?" Sandy knows the name. Kerry rambles about the bar all those guys used to frequent, but the topic falls flat, so she tells Sandy to return in four days to get the stitches removed. "I know where to find you," Sandy says huskily, her eyes aglow and a tentative smile twitching on her lips. Kerry clears her throat and, visibly nervous, asks Sandy if she wants to do something. "Something?" Sandy ponders, clearly aware of what's going on and enjoying the heat of it. "Lunch, or…a movie, or ice fishing," Kerry chuckles. "Like, go out?" Sandy presses, laughing gently with Kerry. Her eyes darting upwards uncomfortably, Kerry blushes but keeps her voice steady. "Yeah," she says. "Unless I'm totally off base here." Sandy grins, the attraction plain. "No, no, you're on base," she breathes. The way they're shining, this might as well have been a sex scene.

Mark revisits his pouting daughter, who defiantly reads a magazine instead of acknowledging her father's presence. ["Anyone else notice that she was turning the pages in the wrong direction, from right to left? It could have been on purpose but it just looked like bad blocking to me." -- Sars] Mark reveals that her drug test came back negative. "Don't look so disappointed," Rachel tells Mark and me. Mark sits down opposite the hellion his loins begat and gives her the speech about how much he cares, and how he had to do this because her safety seemed at risk. Rachel refuses to look at him. "I want to be able to trust you," he insists. "It's something we both have to work at." Pursing her lips, Rachel snippily asks to leave.

Benton encounters Dr. Robert "Needs A Love Interest" Romano as he prepares to cut open Donna. They exposit that they'll take the heart first, and we are reminded that the organs are viable for up to two minutes after Donna's death. Benton switches off the ventilator at 20:37 -- wait, wasn't it just six o'clock? -- and watches the monitors with baited breath.

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