Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis?

Elizabeth informs a heartbroken Ray that the procurement teams have arrived to begin harvesting Donna's organs. He's upset that Donna isn't dead of natural causes, so Elizabeth explains that her brain isn't functioning, and there's virtually no medical distinction between brain death and actual cardiac death. The machines aren't so much keeping her alive as keeping her organs viable for harvesting. Ray blinks and wonders why Donna can't be dead first; Elizabeth says that the pumping heart oxygenates the blood, which in turn keeps the organs healthy and primed for transplant. "We never talked about this," Ray says, unable to digest the fact that they'll remove his wife's innards while she's still breathing. "I'm not sure I can do this." Elizabeth understands, and takes back the forms, telling him to spend extra time with Donna before they proceed. She's really very gentle with him. Abby approaches to notify Elizabeth that pre-op is ready for Donna, but Elizabeth quietly says, "We're going to wait a bit," while looking worriedly at grieving Ray, who slowly approaches his dying wife.

Luka grabs Abby to get some meds from her; he barely looks her in the eye. Feigning nonchalance, Abby notes that she saw Neecole and heard a rumor that she lost her job, then lies that she's certain the waif will find another one somewhere else. Luka old-schools that it's all for the best, as Neecole should probably take it easy now that she's nurturing a fetus. Abby is so startled that Neecole is keeping the baby that she almost drops her own hands. She ascribes her redaction to the fact that it's hard to be a single mother. "She won't be," Luka whispers. By now, Abby's eyelids are lost in the back of her head. She hasn't blinked in five minutes. "She's a good person," Luka swears, sensing Abby's disapproval. "You met her, like, five minutes ago!" she protests. She expresses doubt that the pregnancy is legitimate, and notes that even if it is, there are other ways to help besides leaping into marriage. I wonder if Luka is enticed by a second chance at family life, and that's why he's so eager to believe Neecole. Luka doesn't meet Abby's gaze, insisting Neecole is a better person than to concoct such a contrivance, and huffily storms away.

We return from the break to discover that Rudy's brain is bleeding. Jorge gets scared by this diagnosis and slowly backs away from the discussion, while Mark says he hopes they can prevent an outright hemorrhage. Papa Escalona chides himself for letting Rudy and Jorge into the ring together. Mark, though, has evidence that the bleeding may have started -- or been primed to start -- long before the match, and could be curable by inserting a catheter into Rudy's brain to mend the ruptured artery. Gallant, who had been listening, notices Jorge's depression and kindly reminds him that this could've happened at any time, and wasn't caused by Jorge's fists. But the boy is resolute in his guilt. "It happened when I hit him," he says sadly.

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