Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis?

Abby serves a cup of coffee to Neecole, who only now thinks to ask if it's decaf. "I shouldn't have caffeine," she says softly. Abby coughs that she forgot about that. Neecole isn't terribly startled that Abby knows, but retreats into herself when Abby offers to perform an ultrasound for her. "I'll take care of it," she says stiffly. Abby cocks her head. "How do you know you're pregnant?" she asks. Neecole flinches, then gets up to leave. "This is not the way to get Luka," Abby blurts. Neecole plays dumb, so Abby presses her about her conflicting stories. Abby: "What happened to your father?" Neecole: "I told you, he killed himself when I was little." Abby: "And miraculously came back to life so he could kick you out when you were sixteen?" Go Abby! Neecole's arms are crossed petulantly, and Julie Delpy's face has a weird plastic sheen to it. She looks, as a matter of fact, totally awful. Neecole claims that her mother remarried and her stepfather wanted to be rid of her. "I guess you have an answer for everything," Abby snipes. "I guess you think everything's your business," Neecole shoots back. She argues that Abby, rather than being concerned about Luka's emotional state, actually hates the idea of him being happy with someone else. Abby bites her lip and doesn't disagree, which is interesting. "I know what won't make him happy," she finally says. "A made-up life. If this is all for real, that's great. Go for it. But if it's not, he's going to figure it out. He's not stupid." Not that Neecole would know this -- Luka's been stupid since she met him, so why would she assume there's any working brain under all that hotness? Neecole narrows her eyes and glares very hard at Abby, then flounces out of the lounge.

Weaver awkwardly thanks Sandy for saving her life during The Storm. "No sweat," Sandy breezes. Weaver busies herself with some supplies to avoid both her urge to mount and her mounting urge to lose herself in Sandy. "Crazy job," Weaver says. "Haven't met too many female firefighters." Sandy proudly notes that she's the only woman in company B, and calls herself one of the guys. She grins. Weaver timidly offers to examine Sandy's wounded hand, but Sandy smiles that she doesn't like doctors, and slinks away with a suggestive, "Maybe some other time."

Mark flees to Rudy's frantically beeping life monitors and asks Gallant what went wrong. Apparently, Rudy stopped breathing and his blood pressure shot up to 230/120. Mark hunches over near Rudy's head, and Papa Escalona huddles next to him, completely in the way. I don't know enough about actual hospitals to decide whether it's inappropriate that he's so omnipresent, or totally normal. Me, I'd be in the waiting room avoiding all signs of blood and guts and fluid seepage. And it's never fun to see panicked doctors working on a loved one, especially when said doctor simultaneously takes a phone call from his daughter. Mark doesn't touch the phone, at least; instead, Haleh relays to Mark that Rachel just wants to check in, and Mark yells via Haleh that Elizabeth will be home by six. Lily assists with some meds, but Rudy deteriorates into V-tach. Papa Escalona freaks out, but isn't kicked out. Dude, leave! Mark charges the paddles to 200.

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