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At the desk, Weaver confirms with Mark that Mrs. Neighbour died. Weaver says that she has to find Ted's father, and asks what Mark wants to tell Ted. Mark says he'll stall. Napolitano calls Mark over and hands him an enlarged, colour copy of Mr. Fossen's mug shot, asking, "Is this him?" Mark says it is, and asks, "He has a record?" Napolitano says that he has one arrest: "Domestic dispute -- he hit his girlfriend." Frank nosily calls, "He wasn't at his house?" Napolitano shoots Mark a brief "get a load of this clown" look, and then patronizingly assures Frank, "I'll let you know when we have him in custody." Mark asks about Ben, and Napolitano says that they found his foster parents, and that a patrol car is picking Ben up now. Frank takes a few steps toward Mark and Napolitano and opines, "I think he's coming here." Napolitano's all, "What?" Frank explains, "Well, he was pissed at the neighbour for bringing [Ben] to the ER. I mean [to Mark], you took his kid away from him, right?" "Right," Mark says guardedly, adding, in a faux-hearty voice, "Thanks, Frank!" Oh, all right. Heh. Napolitano says he'll send in some extra units. Mark slowly walks back to Weaver, who calmly says, "Mark. He couldn't come here. He knows there's too many cops around." Mark tightly notes, "He hasn't displayed a lot of sound judgment so far." Weaver asks what Mr. Fossen's been shooting with, and Frank gruffs, "Semi-automatic pistol, thirteen-round clip. He's been reloading." The radio beeps. Mark chokes, "Probably picked it up at K-Mart on the way over!" Who are you, Rosie O'Donnell? Also, I have a sneaking suspicion K-Mart is no longer a sponsor. Frank Hestons, "It's not the guns. People kill people." Mark delivers the "kill people" in unison with Frank, snitting, "Yeah, right. Only not as fast." Frank insists that Mr. Fossen would have found another weapon. Well, maybe, but it's hard to carjack someone using a knife. Maybe an axe -- you could smash the window with it and bury it in the driver's skull. (Gee, can you tell I've been watching summer movies lately?) Anyway. Weaver, for some reason, feels it would be fruitful to engage Frank in a reasoned debate about gun control, and points out that there have already been fourteen people shot, and six deaths -- and she's right, of course; that's a lot higher body count than he could have achieved if he had a weapon that required him to go right up to his victims and take a hands-on approach, which is pretty much what she says: "You can't effect mass murder with a Chinese throwing star." True, you can't, but you look a lot cooler. Haleh calls out that a rig is coming in with an injured cop: "Motorist dragged him for half a block." Weaver and Mark both make "well, that's just great" faces, and Frank pipes up, "See? There you go. He hit him with a car. That's assault with a deadly weapon." Mark and Weaver both tell Frank to shut up. Heh. It's nice to see them working in concert again.

Mr. Jeffries. Finch wants to respect his wishes not to undergo surgery. Benton doesn't. Blah blingety blah. With no preamble at all, Benton non sequiturs, "All right. I went over there. She was upset. She was crying. She came on to me. I didn't do anything. I didn't want to do anything. [Because she's scary. And crazy.] Now, maybe she felt guilty -- she told Roger, she put a spin on it." "And you wouldn't put a spin on it," Finch snaps. Benton says he wouldn't. Finch asks why, then, Benton didn't tell her. Benton says, "To avoid looking at me like I did something wrong." Finch pouts, "I see. You didn't trust me, and I'm supposed to trust you." Benton says he didn't think it was worth getting into. Finch clips, "Good. At least I know where I stand." Benton holds up a warning finger, telling her that isn't what he meant. Dude, don't wave your finger in her face when you're the one who fucked up. Behind them, Lily pokes her head out of Mr. Jeffries's room and says that his pressure's dropping. Finch tells Benton to go. And he does.

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