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Benton enters Mr. Jeffries's room and makes with the orders. Contrary old Mr. Jeffries even refuses a blood transfusion! Benton's like, "But --" and Mr. Jeffries is like, "Save it." But more nicely. Stymied, Benton tries another tack: "What about your family? I mean, if you don't care about yourself, what about them?" Mr. Jeffries says he hasn't spoken to his mother in over thirty years. Ouch. He continues, "I outlived the two people that I loved in the world. I've lived longer than I expected! Just let me go! I'm ready." Yeah, Benton. Step off.

Mark drinks from a water fountain in the hall. We can hear the sound of distant ambulances approaching. Resigned, Mark straightens up and walks over to Ted. They regard each other warily as they exchange "hi"s. Mark sits next to Ted and asks how his neck is. Ted says it hurts. Mark says he'll get a nurse to give him some medicine. Ted asks whether he may see his mom. Mark says, "Not yet. We're trying to reach your dad." Ted asks whether he may stay with his mother until Mark gets hold of his dad, but Mark says no, and lies that it's because she's having an operation. Ted asks whether she's okay, and Mark says they're having trouble stopping the bleeding around her heart. Ted recalls that she was "hurt bad." Mark says he knows. He asks whether Ted's hungry, but he isn't.

Down the hall, Doris wheels in the car-dragged cop, attended by Luka. Doris says it looks like the C-DC dislocated his elbow. Luka asks where all the blood is from, and Doris says that C-DC tore off part of his ear. Another cop -- the injured man's partner, I presume -- is also in the caravan and demands that C-DC get more medication. Luka orders it, and asks C-DC whether he lost consciousness; he didn't. Mark confirms that Luka's on the case. Napolitano appears to ask C-DC's partner whether he got a good look at the assailant. The bed continues, but the cops stop. Napolitano asks whether the driver was wearing a yellow windbreaker, and C-DCP says he was, adding, "Colby said he saw blood on the car." Mark starts freaking out: "Wait a second -- this is Fossen? Fossen did this?" Napolitano tells him to shut up. Colby's partner (formerly C-DCP) continues, "Colby asked him to step out of the vehicle. When he opened the door, the guy punched it in reverse, smashed our unit, and took off. Colby's jacket must've got snagged. He was screaming -- he got dragged forever -- but the son of a bitch didn't stop!" Napolitano anxiously rubs at his mouth. Mark asks where Fossen got the car, and Napolitano guesses that he "probably boosted it off the street." Another officer runs up to them and asks Napolitano, "Jeep Grand Product Placement, first three license numbers G74?" CP says that's all he got. Officer #3 anxiously asks, "Could they be G79?" "You got him?" Mark steels. Officer #3 blurts, all in one breath, "Shots fired at 823 Piedmont. Jeep Grand Free Advertising parked at the corner, license number G79 6L5. Woman found down inside." Mark mutters, "Oh, God. Here we go." Napolitano asks whether the woman's dead. Officer #3 says they called in the paramedics.

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