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Elevator. Weaver is trying to reason with Romano: "We're all overworked, Robert, but you can't insinuate that you're going to fire someone every time you get frustrated!" Romano says he wasn't insinuating it: "She's fired....Cleaning out her locker right now, so I'm told." Weaver says he can't do that. Romano gloats, "I just did!" The elevator doors open on the ground floor and they both stride out, Weaver arguing, "This is a County facility. Employees cannot be summarily fired." Romano reminds her that Mitchell was already on probation due to the incident with Shannon the Suicidal Train Wreck Causer. Weaver counters that Mitchell was exonerated on that charge. Romano continues, "Since then, she's had a history of violation of institutional policy." "Like what?" spits Weaver. Romano's all, "What do you care? It's not your department." Weaver hesitates for the shortest of moments before declaring that she works with the Psych department, and that Mitchell's a good doctor. Romano sniffs, "'A good doctor' who's had as many as thirty delinquent charts awaiting discharge summaries." Weaver yells that everyone gets behind on charts. Romano offers, "She used the County telephone WATS line for a personal long-distance call." Just one? Girl, please. Romano concludes by saying that Mitchell yelled at a patient in a public setting. Did we see that? By now, Weaver and Romano are at the desk. Weaver looks stricken and finally gets it: "You're trying to find a way to fire her." Romano shrugs this off: "There's plenty of written documentation that has been reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee." Weaver is advancing on Romano when Haleh runs up to her. Weaver asks Haleh to give her a minute, and Haleh blurts, "Adele's been shot." "What?" Weaver breathes. Haleh confirms, "That maniac shot her at her house." "The social worker?" Romano asks, following Weaver and Haleh. Hee! See, "The Social Worker" really might as well be her last name.

Sure enough, there's Adele, being moved onto the bed in a trauma room. As Mark starts quietly ordering various tests and pieces of equipment, Napolitano stands at the end of Adele's bed and asks whether she got a good look at the man who shot her. Adele says that he looked familiar: "He said something about his son." Mark jumps to a (fine -- fairly reasonable) conclusion and tells her, "We put his son Ben into protective custody last week." "Oh my god," murmurs Adele. Mark establishes that Adele can't feel her legs. Suddenly, Weaver and Romano are at Adele's bedside. Mark tells Weaver about the spinal-cord injury. Napolitano describes Mr. Fossen, and Adele says that sounds like the man who shot her. Romano asks whether she has any pain in her belly; she doesn't. Weaver guesses that Adele may have a pneumothorax. Mark says her lungs sound fine. Weaver and Romano offer other suggestions as to what might be ailing Adele. The patient herself pipes up to muse, "How did he know where I lived?" This pulls Weaver up short: "What?" Adele asks again how Mr. Fossen could have found her, adding, "I only saw him at the hospital." Romano blames the "damn internet" for allowing crazy psychopaths to find just about anything. (True -- kids, if you haven't already, you should do a search for your name and make sure those online phone books don't list your home address.) Weaver and Mark exchange a tense look, and Mark rather calmly asks Napolitano to send someone to Valium Villa. Napolitano's all, "Don't flatter yourself, Baldo." Mark repeats the request, and tells Napolitano his address as he lunges for the phone and dials the number. Napolitano takes off.

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