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The camera follows Dr. Peterman for a moment until she passes by Ted's bed in the hall. Ted's asking Mark where his mom is. Lydia gives Mark a "you're on your own" look, and sidles off. Mark sighs heavily -- because his mind is, you know, elsewhere -- and says, "The bullet...uh, she was shot in the back. The bullet passed through her heart. She lost so much blood that her heart stopped beating." Ted continues drawing, not looking at Mark, who continues, "We opened up her chest for an emergency surgery, gave her blood transfusions. The best surgeon in the hospital did it." Ted glances up. Mark concludes, "She wasn't in any pain. She didn't suffer. We worked on her for a long time. We couldn't stop the bleeding. We couldn't get her heart to beat again. Ted, your mother died." Ted looks impassive. Mark says he's sorry. Ted tries really hard to cry. But fails.

Benton busts into Mr. Jeffries's trauma room with a bottle of water and a tiny cup of pills, ordering Finch to take them. Finch asks whether they shouldn't wait until they draw "baseline labs," but Benton basically tells her to shut her fool mouth and demands that she take them now. Behind them, Lily says she can't get Mr. Jeffries's blood pressure above 80. Benton's like, whatever, the damage is done, I stopped caring fifteen minutes ago. Finch says, "He's already drug-resistant." Benton says, "You don't have a large viral load." "He does!" Finch retorts. I don't really know what that means, but then, it's the last recap of the season, and I don't care, either. Is she saying that Mr. Jeffries has some sort of Super-AIDS strain so she shouldn't bother trying to fight it if she's got it now? I don't know. Don't email me to tell me, either, because I don't care. Machines start beeping in the background. Benton blahs about "conversion rates." Lily tells Benton that if Mr. Jeffries is to have surgery, he has to go now. Benton gives Lisa some last-minute instructions, pecks Finch on the cheek, and makes for the OR. Finch tosses back her pills.

Weaver gazes through the glass door of the Psych ward, and sees Mitchell with her back turned, behind the desk. Weaver taps lightly on the door. Mitchell looks over her shoulder and shakes her head "no." Wait, didn't Lisa let herself into the Psych ward last week using her ID tag? Shouldn't Weaver be able to do that, too? I guess not. Or else the continuity person's already left for summer vacation. Weaver knocks more loudly, and Mitchell relents and lets her in. Weaver urgently crutches around the bend, and goes into an empty exam room with Mitchell, who ruefully says she's surprised her code still works. "It's not gonna happen, Kim," Weaver says throatily. Mitchell crosses her arms and asks, "What isn't?" Weaver says that the administration can't fire Mitchell, "not legally." Mitchell quietly says, "No, they always intended to fire me. They would have done it sooner if they could have, but they needed to build up a nice, thick Human Resource file first." "Which is completely bogus!" Weaver exclaims. "They'll never get away with it!" Mitchell says that they already have. "Only if you let them," Weaver replies, all fire in the belly. Mitchell bitterly cocks her eyebrow and murmurs, "It's not worth the effort. I'm really not interested in working for a place that doesn't want me here." Weaver's voice starts to break as she mumbles, "No, you have the right to due process! We can find a civil-rights attorney!" "'We'?" Mitchell drawls. Weaver is silent, stung. Finally she says, "It's not right, Kim. You know why they're firing you. You have to fight it. You have to fight this!" Mitchell starts to cry, ruefully replying, "I'm supposed to fight? You're hiding, but I'm supposed to fight. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't want to fight. I just want to move on. So should you." Mitchell stomps out. Weaver stands alone, the unshed tears magnifying her eyes.

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