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County. Mr. Fossen's in a trauma room, all bloody, demanding of the room at large, "Where did you put him? Where did you put my son?" Luka yells at him to shut up. Mark, Luka, and Haleh determine that there are two entrance wounds on the left, one on the right, and two in the belly, for a total of five. Mr. Fossen turns his head toward Mark and grunts, "You! You did this!" Luka calls out orders. Mr. Fossen babbles, "You took him!...This is your fault!" Mark prepares to paralyze Mr. Fossen so he can intubate him. Mr. Fossen glares up at him and squeaks, "You stole my son! You destroyed my family! He's my son! What gives you the right?!" Mark puts a mask over Mr. Fossen's face, but we can still sort of make it out as he yammers that Mark can't take his son away. Mark refrains from Romano-ing, "I just did!"

I guess Carter wasn't off his shift, because he's back at the hospital, talking to Martin about his cancer. Carter's dumbing down cancer so that Martin can understand it, summing up by saying that you don't usually know you have cancer until a mass of bad cells gets so big it causes pain, and that they were lucky to find Martin's cancer when they did. Martin philosophically asks, "So you're saying I'm lucky I got shot?" "In a way, yeah," says Carter. Martin says, "So it's going to take longer to die." Carter says that, since they caught it early, there's a good chance Martin won't die. Martin asks, "What's a good chance?" and Carter tells him 70%. Martin doesn't seem cheered by this news, so Carter babies, "Do you know what 70% is?" Dude, the kid is twelve. Just because he doesn't have parents doesn't mean he can't keep up in math class. Martin tells him it leaves 30%. Carter advises him to concentrate on the 70%. Martin's all, "Easy for you to say, Smirk Cameron." Frank pokes his head in to say there's another gunshot wound coming in. Carter gets up to leave. Martin asks what happens now, and Carter says he'll send an oncologist to look at him. Martin asks, "No, I mean, where do I live?" Carter blinks, "Oh. I don't know. I'll find out."

Carter runs away, because he can't handle the truth. Once in the hall, he sees Mark working on Mr. Fossen. In the hall, Chen asks her patient when his last tetanus booster was. The guy doesn't know, and asks whether he'll need an x-ray. Chen breezily tells him it looks like he was only grazed. Carter motions toward Mr. Fossen's room with his head and asks Chen, "Is that the guy?" She says it is and tells him about Mr. Fossen's multiple wounds. Chen's patient Goetzes, "At the range, they teach you to shoot for the centre mass. It's not always fatal, but it takes them down." Carter duhs, "You shot him?" Goetz goes all snake-eyes and snaps, "I got mugged last year. Same park. I don't go there now without protection." Chen and Carter roll their eyes at each other. Goetz shrieks, "He started shooting people! Someone had to do something!" Carter sniffs, "Yeah, we should arm the whole city." Goetz snaps, "Hey, I stopped him. He would have kept going." Which, much as I hate to agree with a vigilante, is probably true. Carter dismissively tells Goetz he was lucky. Goetz agrees: "Lucky I was packing!" Weaver yells for Carter to come and help her with another gunshot victim from the park. Before he goes, he leans toward Chen and tells her, "I handed it to her....Your reference. Should put you over the top -- all fives." Aw. Okay, good for Carter. She seems a bit surprised, and thanks him. As he heads off, Carter adds, "I had to lie!" She snickers.

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