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Once off the El, Mark buys a paper at a newsstand, where a construction worker is bitching at the newsstand guy that the demolition of the mill to erect a mall somehow points to a defect in society: "All we do is buy and sell. We don't produce nothing." Hearing an ambulance, Mark searches the streets for it; seconds later, his pager goes off. Seeking, I guess, to bolster his point, Construction Guy asks Mark what he does for a living. Mark tells him he's a doctor. Construction Guy hesitates, and then says that's a bad example. As Mark wanders off, Newsstand Guy says he doesn't know what Construction Guy's problem is: "You're the guys building the mall." "Not for long," Construction Guy mutters, and then somehow leaps from that point to this: "Freaking internet. I'll tell you, they can take their information age and shove it up their ass." Um. Shout-out? I don't see what the internet has to do with the decline in manufacturing sectors, but then mine is clearly not the finely tuned economic mind Construction Guy boasts. A pair of ambulances speed down the street toward Mark.

Mark runs to the ambulance bay, and joins John "Whine and Cheese" Carter, to whom Doris is giving the bullet; the patient is a twelve-year-old boy named Martin who's been shot in the arm. Mark asks Carter what happened, and Carter disgustedly replies, "Some guy opened fire at a foster-care facility." "Foster care?" Mark repeats incredulously. Carter confirms the location, adding that there are "twelve down," and that he doesn't know how many are coming to County. Mark jogs toward another rig, but Kerry "Out for Justice" Weaver is already there, and points him toward yet another rig, just now pulling in. Mark's patient is a woman named Maria who was shot in the groin. She doesn't have any belly pain, but says her leg is cold. As Mark moves to cover her, she chokes out, "Did they get him?" Mark asks who she means, and she says, "The man with the gun." Mark doesn't know, and asks her whether she saw him. Maria says they were hiding in a closet, but he shot through the door. There's general chaos as all the doctors wheel their patients, en masse toward the door. Cleo "Torture Droid" Finch calls Mark back to deal with an eight-year-old girl shot in the head. From the sound of all the machines attached to her, I think she's just about done for, but sure, tie up Mark's time. It doesn't matter. As they move the girl toward the hospital, Finch asks Mark whether he just arrived. Mark says he did, and adds that he was going to call in sick. He glances at the newspaper in his hand, and then tosses it into a nearby garbage can. Aw. What with all the mortally wounded children coming in, Mark's not going to have a chance to read Marmaduke today! Bummer!

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