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Downstairs, Mark, Haleh, and Luka wheel Mr. Fossen toward the elevator. Luka offers to take Mr. Fossen upstairs. Mark doesn't hear him at first, because he catches sight of Ted sitting in the hall looking sad, with Chen obviously trying to console him. Mark hears Luka's offer the second time, and declines, saying he'll do it himself. As they reach the elevator, Mr. Fossen starts thrashing a little, and Mark notes that he'll need more Pavulon. They push the gurney into the elevator, whereupon Haleh notices that Contrivance took her drug box and she'll have to go grab another. She takes off, leaving Mark alone in the elevator with Mr. Fossen. After a moment, the door slides shut, since the gurney isn't blocking it as Mark waits for Haleh. Mark goes to stop it before it closes, but he's too slow. The elevator starts going up. As they roll past the third floor, Mr. Fossen starts to crash. Mark checks his pulse at his neck and goos up Mr. Fossen's chest for the paddles.

Suddenly something falls from the ceiling of the elevator and lands on Mark's shoulders. Mark rears up, shrieking, and knocks the object to the ground. It scuttles along the floor to the back wall of the elevator, and then climbs straight up, landing square in the middle of Mr. Fossen's chest. Mark presses his back against the elevator doors, staring in horror at the creature on the bed. Mark squints, and realizes he's seen this creature before. Like, eight months ago. Mark scrambles toward the elevator buttons, but the creature is too fast, lashing out with his prehensile tail and hitting the emergency stop button. Mark asks, "Are you...?" The creature hisses, "Yes, it's me." Mark, fearing the answer: "Rex, right?" Rex leaps up from Mr. Fossen's chest, spreads his wings, and lands on Mark's head. He stretches out his neck and cranes his head down so he's staring at Mark upside down and murmurs, "Yessssss." He jumps back onto Mr. Fossen's chest and regards Mark. "Why are you here?" Mark asks. Rex leans back and rests on his tiny elbows. Mr. Fossen grunts. Rex absently flicks him in the face with his tail, and Mr. Fossen shuts up. Mark swallows hard. Rex sniffs, "I've been watching you, Mark. Mincing around here all fucking bald and shit. Wearing that faggy-ass short-sleeved plaid shirt. Rolling over every time anyone gets all up in your grill. That bitch Weaver turns you in to the medical review board -- puts your whole fucking career in jeopardy -- and how do you get her back?" Mark murmurs, "Well, I..." "You didn't invite her to your wedding," Rex sniffs disgustedly. "Yeah, that fucking showed her. Way to hit her where she lived. Not." "What are you getting at?" Mark whines. Rex leaps forward and grabs Mark by the lapels, hissing, "Don't you remember, back in the day? You used to own this place! Now goddamn wops are scamming on all the best ass in this place!" "He's actually Croatian," Mark interrupts. "Shut up! Now, you only have one more year in this place before that bitch Wells kills you off. That means, after this, twenty-two episodes to wave your fucking dick around and make people remember Mark Greene as a force to be reckoned with, not a fucking bitch-boy whose own wife can't even stand him. Be a man, for Christ's sake!" Mark's voice goes up an octave as he asks, "What should I do?" Rex stretches out his neck and looks back at Mr. Fossen, gasping and choking. He looks back at Mark and whispers, "That asshole would have killed your family in cold blood. He shows up on the goddamn table in front of you, and you save his fucking life?!" "But I took an oath!" Mark protests, charging the paddles and resting them against Mr. Fossen's chest. "Fuck your oath," barks Rex, wrapping his tail around Mark's wrists and wrenching Mark's hands out of the way. "Be a man!" Rex yells. Mark crooks his neck. "Do it!" shrieks Rex. "All right!" Mark sobs. Rex scampers up Mark's chest and perches on his shoulder to watch. Mark slowly straightens up, holding the paddles facing out in front of him, and shocks the air. "Yeah!" Rex purrs. Mr. Fossen reaches out and tangles his fingers in the cord of the paddle. Mark reaches out to stop the elevator, but Rex reminds him, "I already did that." "Oh, right," Mark says. Once again, he holds the paddles aloft, stares Mr. Fossen straight in the eye, and shocks the air. Mr. Fossen blinks. Mark licks his lips, waits a few moments, and shocks the air again. Rex gambols about the elevator in delight, finally settling back on Mark's shoulder. Rex nuzzles his cheek against Mark's and murmurs, "Stick with me, and we'll have a great year. I promise." The light starts to fade from Mr. Fossen's eyes. "We'll fucking rule this shit-box," Rex promises. Mark shocks the air a fourth time. Blackout.

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